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Time to Unveil Just Who J.H. Actually Is

April 13 2020

Time to Unveil Who J.H. Actually Is

What’s by now become well viewed on the mainstream media. This was the original format that John Hopkins developed and then used to influence the current lockdown. Since being released this evidence has already come under scrutiny for being so grossly inaccurate. We shut down the world based on bad information. Why aren’t heads rolling or was there an ulterior motive?

A short while ago I mentioned that sooner or later you’d be hearing the initials J.H? While the enlightened few focus on what’s unfolding as an unprecedented power grab, a coup being delivered in the form of an unnecessary lockdown, the greater majority still remain clueless as to why this is being done. They still believe it to be because of this Coronavirus.

The unbiased facts clearly illustrate this lockdown is unnecessary and is little more than a mask being used to camouflage it’s original intent. While the true underlying reasons remain recognized by the few enlightened for the most part the herd remains clueless thinking this is all serving the greater good. The government is serving the good of the people… ya that’s a good one.

The Dome at John Hopkins University. You might say it was ground zero.

It’s a sad fact that even though the unbiased facts show this common virus taking it’s normal course and therefore is diminishing in numbers that those same governments are now forcing hospitals to be fudging the death certificates. Hospitals are now required to label anyone that tested positive for the virus that the cause of death be written up as Coronavirus. This includes if there were no signs related to the virus being the actual cause! Test positive cause of death Coronavirus period. Irrelevant if your 90 or stage five cancer in line for a heart transplant anything!

With these new laws let’s say you’re 24 healthy but still test positive. You go to the lab and receive your result you’re positive at the age of 24. You leave the office and crossing the street are run over by a car. You die but did you know the death certificate is going to read cause of death COVID-19. Wow I don’t know about you but people need to wake up or soon enough… and its Gone!

The Increase in numbers is just another Head fake and most are falling for it. 

One of several examples we’ve been made aware of comes in the form of a woman in her mid 80’s. This poor woman was already suffering with stage 4 cancer and previously was on life support. She tested positive and died a few days later. The woman was ALREADY IN HOSPICE at the time her test was given. That by itself is disgusting yet they labeled her cause of death to be from the Coronavirus. People get with it your throwing what little is left of yours and your children’s futures right out the window.

Those in power recognized an opportune time was unveiled the moment this latest form of the Coronavirus came to be. As governments “never let a good crisis go to waste” is exactly what they did and they achieved it in the form of a lockdown.

Piece by piece we are losing what bonds us as humans. 

So the uninformed herd stays isolated. Not only from the truth but from each other. We mentors recognized this was occurring long ago and planned well ahead to best be ready for it. It was the clueless who went along for the ride. They put their trust in the same hands that are the cause and now most of them sit in perpetual fear wondering what comes next.

Currently and because of these Orwellian rules in several countries you can’t even pay your last respects to a family member at a funeral. In several countries (by Law) they’re performing burial services while the attendees are in their cars and if you can believe it with the windows open so they can hear the service. I did say open windows folks! That’s just one example of the lunacy running rapid in our societies.

From a seed of fear blossoms the Fool!

The herd remains separated from each other surrounded in total panic all stemming from a virus artificially elevated to the level of being called a pandemic. It’s a wiggly world right about now and it’s about to continue in the form of a shattered world economy. The mask will soon be lifted to reveal what all along was hidden behind it. The emperor had no clothes!

Soon enough we’ll be seeing small changes to our pensions. At first they’ll be small fees or inconveniences over time this will increase. Yes people ultimately they’re coming for our pensions! So many fools who trusted their future’s to the same people who have been cheating them their entire lives. 

So what or who is J.H? J.H stands for John Hopkins University. Apparently our first thoughts proved correct.Turns out that J.H has its roots entwined where we (Mentors) thought they might, and that is? A short time before the Coronavirus outbreak John Hopkins University received an enormous grant in excess of 1.5 Billion Dollars! Almost immediately after receiving the grant John Hopkins University began assembling information graphs articles detailed information on of all things a Coronavirus.

The grant that was given was part in parcel used for producing detailed information about what would eventually be the COVID-19 virus.The report contained detailed information regarding what effects such a virus would have and what should be done to prevent it. However the real question then becomes was the information accurate? Apparently it was not and remember this is from John Hopkins University perhaps one of the leading sources used for gathering medical research.

It was this falsified information that to a large degree was first relied on when proposing that the nations of the world should be put on lockdown.

Fully knowing what this lockdown would do to an already ailing world economy. They knew it would kill it. Still they did it and fast forward three plus weeks and here we still are.

We’re telling you. They’re coming for your pensions. They can’t cover them so they’ll begin bit by bit begin to confiscate them. This is not solely being done by choice it’s also out of necessity. We keep repeating the money’s not there people! 

What if all along that was their exact intention. What if it was a plan to to nail the coffin shut once and for all. A complete Control, Alt Delete! None of us knows what waits on the other side. However this had to happen one way or another the numbers just don’t lie. As we’ve been saying the economy’s been on life support for over a decade now. Read the following quotes from Martin Armstrong.

“One of the people who has assisted in this panic over the coronavirus has been Neil Ferguson, who led the imperial college authors who warned of 500,000 deaths and 2.2 million people would be infected from the coronavirus. Now, low and behold, Ferguson has himself tested positive for the virus and has suddenly announced a change of view. Ferguson has been a major contributing factor in causing the world economy to collapse. He has advocated locking down the economy which has been behind the movement around the world.”

“Since January, elites sold their entire stock and bond portfolios and went to cash. I know 100% that they were even tipped off to do so without necessarily outlining the objectives just stating there was this virus. Over the past weeks, governments have used this virus to expand their powers in unprecedented ways all in an amazing effort to save us from certain doom.” M. Armstrong

I’m going to Link three short pieces that I feel are important enough to warrant your reading and forwarding onto others. Shortly after John Hopkins was put into the limelight names like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci begin to appear in the public’s eye.

I’ll leave it up to those who want to expand their awareness on this to do it on their own. That’s why I’ve linked some of what I think are relevant pieces covering the subject. We’re moving onto the important factors like where we may be heading and what can we do to make the best of it where ever that is.

You must understand what we’re facing here is a deliberate coup a realignment of power. Knowingly or not what we’re witnessing here is the biggest power grab in man’s history. Already the masses have been divided in so many ways. This one step is part of a far greater plan that took decades to accomplish. We’ve also covered that subject in great detail over several prior post so again we’re not going back there at least not at this time. They can be found by all those interested by just clicking onto our archives.

Without understanding some of the priors, it’s going to be difficult for many to grasp how in these type of hostile takeovers, it’s our politics preferences and religions that actually work against us. In these kinds of takeovers, in coups, regime or power changes they divide us.

Remember as a species we’re collective. You can never come up with unbiased information when originating from a point that’s biased from a point that’s subjective.

I’ve already explained why in previous writings so I’m not going back there other than to say it’s all a form of Divide and Conquer. We’ve also peeled that onion back to the Sumerian culture some 6000 plus years ago.

For many it’s a scary thought however people are going to have to relearn how to think for themselves. Trust me when saying this is a lost human skill and we’ve studied the how’s and why’s for decades now. For the greater part that’s an all but lost human trait.

For many following mainstream media free thinking has been reconfigured to take on something along the lines of non-conforming.

Free thinking has been effectively cut out of human consciousness with the skill of a surgeon’s scalpel.

The scars left behind are hardly noticeable. The clueless still don’t notice them. Nothings changed until the lockdown. The ignorance of society has been piling up for decades. Our planet has become constipated and in need of taking a giant dump. I would encourage those capable to not be part of it so act accordingly. History’s got our back on that one.

As we’re rounding third and heading for home here’s our two cents worth. So many people bought into this illusion that more is better. I know at one time long ago I did too. For the sake of mortgaging one or two more rentals or a few more toys many have put aside the responsibilities and the time required to raise strong minded free thinking families. The term I most commonly use to describe this is dysfunctional.

Meeting as many folks as we do we’ll often hear it right from the mothers and fathers themselves. It’s become a common occurrence hearing how their family seems lost. We consistently hear statements on how if not for them being there their children would never make it on their own.  It serves to remind me of what one of the mentors shared with me while I was suffering from the same disease, the same dis-ease from decades ago. He said

“No matter what price you sell yourself for it never represents the total cost.”

I’m glad I listened some twenty plus years earlier. I was for sure heading down that same path. Now Liane and I have balance. Since the lockdown with the sharp rise in domestic violence seems others have mayhem. Check out these three links listed below. Until next time.

Has John Hopkins Deliberately created a financial panic. Mar 27 2020


ICU Nurse Whistle blower: Covid-19 is Manufactured Crisis April 11th 2020


Martin Armstrong The COVID-19 fraud is massive.


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