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We Did It to Ourselves

With little gain in clarity of how humanity’s being played we continue destroying our own economy. Even though the unbiased numbers prove quite the contrary it’s we the uninformed masses who continue to implement the most dangerous virus we’re all currently facing. When the smoke’s finally lifted the “last man standing” the real virus responsible for what will amount to the far greater root of the fatalities will be a mind virus.

Decisions based on bad information leads to what it always does, fear! Bad information is what’s willfully putting an end to our already walking dead economy. It’s this same sourced bad information that will be responsible for killing what amounts to perhaps even Billions.

I mentioned that all viruses share three things in common. First they infiltrate second they duplicate and third they spread. Bad information repeated on a regular basis over time will come to be known as truth. We all know this so why can’t we see it being played out against us! No doubt according our research group all four mentors agree when the smoke’s lifted it will be no other than a virus of the mind that causes the far greater number of fatalities.

As it seems to do history will once again repeat. It won’t be until later when it’s already too late that the ignorant realize they did it to themselves. Later when all their freedoms have vacated only then will they begin to understand they were tricked.  Not before the ignorant run out of excuses will they realize. All along they helped, they did it to themselves. Please forward to everyone you know. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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