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Revisiting The Subject Of Debt

April 8 2020

Revising the subject of debt.

When the media is talking of a good economy. Copied from a post about one year prior. “All throughout the nation people are sleeping in their cars and under bridges. LA, San Fran, NY and Miami, it’s everywhere if you choose to see it. I am 62 years of age and have never seen this anywhere close to what it is now. Yea the economy’s in recovery. Got any salt to go with that crap sandwich?”

As mentioned in the video since the lockdown I’ve been receiving a fair amount of emails. One of the more common statements found among them was describing this new found understanding of how the name Something Feels Wrong came to fruition. Several variations of “I now have a better understanding of why you came up with the name Something Feels Wrong” have appeared from both new subscribers as well as seasoned ones.

You sometimes have to wonder if it’s in our DNA. Why do so many feel they’re entitled to accurate information without lifting a finger to uncover it. The masses have been blinded by their elected since we began recording history.

Everyone’s interest is humbling and we all appreciate your efforts in forwarding this crucial information to everyone you know. Please be there for humanity. Take some time to open some minds. Since humanity is a collective rest assured all of us will be affected. I don’t care how prepared we think we are. This avoidable facade we’re all forced to be witnessing never needed to be. If you’ve carefully scrutinized all the unbiased type one data  you’ll see there’s nothing remotely close that warrants a Global Lockdown. Virus yes Pandemic absolutely not and not even close.

All throughout history some of the most deadly viruses were mind viruses. Repeating scripted propaganda on heavily controlled media with predetermined results have killed billions. It’s as deadly as any other form of malicious infection and is exactly what’s fueling this senseless lockdown.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and watch these three short informative YouTube videos. The first video actually provides you with an accurate vision of what twenty trillion dollars actually would look like. People  have a tremendous challenge when it comes to understanding great distances and exceptionally large numbers. In fact it’s how the term light year came to be.

Scientists were having trouble getting people to understand how large the universe actually is and how vast the distances are between the planets. People seemed to understand the words just fine, it was being able to comprehend them is where the problem was. Eventually they coined the term light year which was the distance that a beam of light would travel in one year’s time. It brought a lot more clarity to its vastness. This first of three short videos will clearly demonstrate just how hopeless the current debt level is and how it can never be paid back.

This is what 20 trillion looks like.


This next short video is dated back to the Obama administration. While I could have found alternates much more recent, but this not so long ago video even stresses our dire straits further. Note this video was composed when the national debt was at 3.6 Trillion. Currently we’re hovering over twenty!!! This short video should really hit home the next time you’re listening to some politician describe how through their proposed budget cuts they can get the nation’s GDP back to reasonable percentages. After viewing this video you’ll have and perhaps for the first time a clear picture of just how hollow their words and promises really are. Numbers Don’t Lie People Do!  I have to admit it even shocked me after watching it.

Then The National Debt was at 3.6 Trillion Dollars. Currently we’re hovering over twenty!

The third and final video is one based on the much bigger crises we’re facing on the horizon. People please watch and consider some of the alternative options before things get difficult to retrieve. If at this stage of the game we can’t rapidly put it together we’re all in for a lot of pain. We mentors know this to be a fact. Nothing here is our opinion it originates from team research followed by an awful lot of time fitting the pieces together. Fitting not forcing.

A Bigger Crisis Is On The Horizon, And It Will Last For Decades.

I suppose nothing could hammer this vital to understand point stronger than the following. Britain took on this debt back in the years ranging from 1941 to 1945. Here we are in 2020 A WHOPPING 79 Years Later and they just made their final payment to both Canada and the United States. I do sincerely mention how sorry I feel for the younger generation. None of that had anything to do with them. They weren’t even born yet.

People one way or another we’re all going to come to an understanding of what a collective means. Yes we’re are all connected and in several ways. Freedom is never subjective it’s collective and we’re all currently fighting for its last few remaining shards. Haven’t we lost enough already? I’m saying this for your children’s sake. Liane and I don’t have any of our own or you better believe we’d be a lot more passionate in our endeavors. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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