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The West Continues its Path Towards War

We’re on a collision course. We the people are the ones who decide what course will ultimately be taken. We the people choose either change our current course or continue running in the same direction and hit the massive iceberg that’s lying dead ahead. I don’t need to remind you who wins when a ship hits an iceberg.

As I compose this post there’s an unpredictable conspiracy that’s reaching it’s boiling point. Should it boil over the world at least as we currently know it won’t exist. Actually there’s several conspiracies that would meet the same criteria however the one that concerns me the most is the new sanctions bill concerning Russia. By an overwhelming majority of 419-3 lawmakers voted to pass this bill. Not only is the US imposing additional sanctions against Russia in addition to that this new bill prevents the President from waiving any preexisting sanctions against Russia without first securing permission from Congress. First question I’d like you to mull over is this; In a truly democratic society would you ever expect to see near 100% swings on any matter that requires voting? Except on rare occasions democracies just don’t function in that manner.

It be wise if American citizens would take the time and do the research. If they did the truth regarding their made up enemy would be revealed. A made up enemy who has some powerful friends. I’m confident should it be needed these friends would have no hesitation standing beside and joining forces.

After decades of researching, not only trends but a healthy dose of history, archeology, commodities, quantum sciences and most forms of organized religion it’s become my understanding that whenever you see a 100% sway (in either direction) chances are you’re not living in a free society. Free societies just don’t function in that mode so whenever such a sway occurs immediately your internal alarm should begin sounding. “Whenever voting numbers are so one sided begin to understand what you’re witnessing mirrors the acts of either a communistic or totalitarian style of Government as opposed to a democratic one.”  But except for the few no such alarm sounds.

The public recently witnessed a near 100% endorsement on a bill that one day may be viewed as the cornerstone that brought on Armageddon. When I see 100% of lawmakers agreeing on anything so potentially lethal I know the shadows are never far behind. For anyone possibly thinking of dismissing the previous statement before you do I have just one request. Spend a bit of time searching alternative medias and start to Follow The Money! That’s right just follow the money and see what comes up. I won’t even bother going into detail about the fact that the entire subject somehow failed to gain any real media exposure until after it had already passed.

Post honoring my request if you still believe you’re living in a free society then I’m afraid there’s not much hope of you ever uncovering certainty. Already you’ve been programmed. Over time you’ve become closed minded and will not even consider anything to the contrary of what you currently believe. Understand as an adult aged person The first step to learning, us unlearning! That’s what makes it so difficult to for us adults to do it. Children, young people don’t seem to have the same challenge in doing the same. As an adult aged person if you cannot first unlearn what you think you know then any new information that tries to enter will subconsciously be blocked.  Whenever a mind is closed nothing new can enter it. A mind has to first be open before it can receive.

But say the opposite holds true.  Now if that’s the case hopefully you’ll start asking yourself some pertinent questions. For instance who’s benefiting by these sanctions, who profits if war takes place? Start asking yourself some simple but direct questions and start following the money. Sooner or later when you’ve come up with the correct answers simultaneously you’ve just figured out who’s actually at the helm piloting the western nation.

As a sidebar; most of the folks that I’ve met and who’ve actually done this research say for them it was the time that the pieces started falling into place. It wasn’t until following the money that the same behind the curtain names kept appearing. Names seldom mentioned on MSM medias. I’ve even had one subscriber put it this way ” it wasn’t until I started following the money that the pieces began fitting like never before. I no longer need to cut the corners off in order for them to fit.”

Simply by following the money almost instantly you’ll begin to realize it’s not the President and his appointed cabinet who are running the nation. Initially as hard as it was to accept the recently informed you, now comprehends there’s a shadow Government lurking behind the curtain. Finally a sense of surety replaces a lot of belief, and it feels good. You now know who in fact is piloting the helm. It’s the shadows, invisible to the naked eye yet completely surrounding the President. They are at the controls; it’s the shadows not the media faces we see who are running the western nation and in fact most of the world. Yes it’s a plot a scheme reluctantly I’ll even use the word conspiracy but it still is what it is.

Ever seem to notice quite often during a conversation whenever you hear the word conspiracy there’s a high percentage of folks who immediately “control-alt-delete” their attention of what’s being said. There’s a swing in the listener’s attitude and what always seems to follow is some sort of silent labeling as being an individual possessing a fictional view of reality. Ever consider why this distorted view so often reflects to near perfection what the MSM’s version of a truth seeker looks and sounds like. Media’s know it’s easier for most to regurgitate than it is to research, media’s research so they know. Most of us simply regurgitate bad information that’s been fed to us.

Over long periods digesting this bad information aggregates. For some it sort of represents a cross road, an important intersection. Lacking any factual sensibility bad information can no longer satiate the appetite of any person seeking truth. Because of this lack fake news can no longer camouflage the truth. You now know with surety that over a vast period of time a grand scale metamorphosis has been occurring. For the first time many seem to get it.

These folks now understand what divide and conquer means and what it’s capable of doing. Equally important only on an individual scale is the fact you’re now able to recognize the transformation for yourself so you begin to visualize it within yourself. You now distinguish why the calm has transformed into the chaos. Soon after the now informed begin to recognize the reason why free thinking has converted into nonconforming. It now makes sense why a difference of opinion has renewed into being a racist. Because you now understand how the divide and conquer works perhaps even more important for what purpose it’s being used for. The rest of the pieces start falling into place. Like my subscriber stated “The pieces begin to fit without first cutting their corners.”

If left unchecked a black white, with me or against me environment will ultimately form a volatile situation. Eventually it will begin to destroy itself from the inside out. Take a good look around see any signs of it happening? This divide and conquer recipe works to near perfection, in fact it still is. It still serves as the shadow controlled MSM’s one, two punch. A combination of first promoting then repeating forced fed garbage only the term they’d prefer we use is news.

This shadow engaged one two punch connected squarely on the chin of the masses… causing them to become dizzy, ignorant not knowing where they actually are or where they are heading. For those who are still confused let the following serve as a guide to understanding. Make no mistake about it we are headed towards a confrontation with Russia, and most probably a nuclear one. Hope that clears it up a bit for you.

The US is hell bent in moving towards that direction. The why factor is simple the nation’s debt now dictates what must follow. The US has to create another major conflict. The nation’s debt along with its sagging economy demands it. Without a major conflict they cannot kick the can much further. It cannot survive continuing in the same direction it’s currently heading in. Somethings going to have to change and it will. I remind you over the past few decades the US military has been converted into nothing more than a glorified jobs program. Because of the current situation now the west has to justify its cost.

Just to be clear there’s no disrespect intended towards anyone when mentioning this. The previous statement comes purely from a factual point of view. There are lots of honorable people serving in the nation’s military however when I make that statement understand I’m referring to the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and not the ordinary military. The MIC is a totally different animal which represents a serious set of realities that has to be addressed if you want to understand what the motivating factors towards war really are.

For most westerners its a tough concept understanding the difference between the words violence and force. It’s a shame because this one one point alone represents the greatest challenge in getting the western citizens to understand where this is leading and why it is. I don’t need to remind you this is not good!

Currently there are so many large scale decisions being made without the public’s awareness. Let me rephrase that a bit only adding a little emphasis to its relevance. As I compose this post behind closed doors all over the world there’s so much going on that if you knew about it would scare the sh*t out of you. So why is it that most are not scarred?

In todays by design fast paced world people tend to be on hectic schedules most have no other choice so they gather their information on the run. Vast percentages settle for what’s convenient what’s fast and that’s MSM. It’s a drive thru menu for your mind. However MSM for your mind equates to what fast food is for your diet; both being little more than digestible garbage… well almost digestible. See if the following represents an interesting thought.

Do you believe these kinds of personalities, the personalities who are always in a hurry to go nowhere would actually take the time to research and become aware of the truth? If they did wouldn’t they already be aware, so chances are they’d also be aware of the fact that all MSM media’s a whopping 90% of all global media is owned by only 6 corporations! But they’re not aware. Would this type of personality make the time committment to gain the truth, I highly doubt it.

When six corporate entities have a total monopoly on what 90% of the people watch read and listen to PLUS have a Government that seems to enable it the situation begins taking on the appearance of what fascism resembles. The merging of corporation and Government is Fascism. As previously mentioned these trends take long periods of time before revealing themselves. This is why so many are still failing to see what’s taking place. It happens so gradually, like a dimmer switch that’s slowly being turned the change goes unnoticed.

Most patterns being used follow a similar path. At first change begins mildly like for example a few personal freedoms being revoked. Over time it expands the shadows start exploiting one of their most effective weapons. As many of their weapons do this one also  functions similar to the previously mentioned dimer switch. The weapon I refer to is taxation. Due to excessive corruption taxes have to rise, but rise to cover what? Only the shadows know the answer to that one.

What most see, hear and read is false. The plan to divide the citizens continues progressing further on down its projected path. Eventually you have the people paying to police themselves (see what’s occurring). Problem created then solved by the same people who initially created it. Actually its a smart plan because it also permits the shadows to stay completely out of the limelight thus continuing their devious plans while remaining anonymous.

The following case in point is courtesy of Reuters: “The Defense Department’s Inspector General, in a June report, said the Army made $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments to accounting entries in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year. Yet the Army lacked receipts and invoices to support those numbers or simply made them up.” That’s with a “T” people! Now first off any politician who could approach the pulpit and calmly announce that their own military cannot find over six and a half Trillion of dollars has got to cause the red flags to wave. If it doesn’t then I feel sorry for you.

Only a divided citizenry doesn’t come together and challenge its elected representation when over 6.5 Trillion dollars has simply vanished. That’s your money not theirs in case anyone’s forgotten. First off in our electronic world that’s literally impossible. To all of a sudden lose such an extreme sum of money simply cannot happen so where did it go and what did the people do about it? Don’t know the answer to the first part, the where did it go part but as for the people? The people did what they always do which is nothing! The people did nothing other than grumble a bit before returning back to work. After all they’ve been programmed to believe someone’s got to pay for it, right?

America has two militaries. One we’re aware of and the second resembles more of a shadow operation. The second represents a concealed military industrial complex barely seen by most yet running the show from behind the curtains of a Grand Ole Opry. I assure you if ever properly investigated a healthy percentage of that so called missing 6.5 Trillion would somehow have found its way there.

When the citizenry becomes brow beaten past a certain point rest assured the shadows will be playing both sides. Since the people are already fighting themselves it’s an easy sell that protection is required in efforts to restore the peace. First they create the problem then they offer to remedy it and all it ever costs is; just a little bit more of our inherent freedoms. The price remains constant it’s the compounding effect that should have you concerned. However by that time things are already in the latter stages of their plan. Time is no longer on our side. That WTF moment is not far off. Be advised!

It’s around this point that you’ll find some of the clueless begun to take notice. More are recognizing things changed they’re different. Several of my subscribers have commented to me stating “more are beginning to take notice.”  Not to be sounding negative but it’s too little too late. My research concludes that for well over a decade a forced war must take place. Debt leads people follow. Numbers do not lie and I extensively rely on them before making such bold statements.

Another point is the sooner this happens the less destructive it will be. We’re long past the point of no return this has to and it will take place. The only unanswered questions are when and to what degree will the devastation be. I’ll agree with my subscribers that more are catching on that something feels wrong (couldn’t resist the pun) but this is something that will happen and is unfortunately well past the line drawn in the sand.

What most are witnessing is little more than the uninformed beginning to notice but only to the obvious. Much of what’s being noticed is years old. As a for instance you’ll be hearing statements similar to; the Police have changed they’ve become more aggressive, they’ve taken on an appearance closer resembling the military than of police. Other popular statements include what’s happening to the middle class, the jobs have sailed overseas and those ever popular opening few words all of a sudden…

Only thing is as previously mentioned THIS DID NOT HAPPEN SUDDENLY IT HAPPENED GRADUALLY!!! It’s taken decades to accomplish which is why I say it’s too little too late. So what follows is probably more of the same? A few more emails get sent, another handful of posts by us in the alternative media and then what? We grumble a bit before returning back to work. By design it’s become such a fast paced society in a few days all will be forgotten. On to the next melodrama, and so on and so on… Look anywhere but where you’re supposed to.

An additional point not to be overlooked is distribution of information. How information is distributed is not only a key factor for the plans overall success but also serves as a cornerstone reason of why just six corporations are so successful at netting such large masses into believing. Thousands of affiliates are under this massive MSM umbrella which gives them the ability to run the same story over Hundreds of thousands of media sources. Repetition will make the majority believe. History’s got my back on that one.

Basically people are force fed garbage as news and it’s repeated over and over. Apparently it still works. I’ve mentioned this many times in prior posts. The most dangerous weapon is an ignorant citizenry. Currently in the US a shadow Government is creating then passing bills which potentially might bring on an apocalypse sweeping much of this planet. Only the naive, the ignorant don’t see it coming. Actually for the greater percentage they’re supporting it without even realizing they are. Do they not know where this is leading? Can they not see what lies ahead? Do they not understand it’s foolish to paint a superpower into a corner? It pains me almost beyond words to say most do not! I did say do not and not cannot. A closed mind is a costly thing to own. If history serves as a good teacher then we most definitely are headed toward war.

With the help of its faithful lap dog “NATO” the US is backing the Russians into a corner. They’re forcing war on what arguably might be the most advanced nuclear force on the planet! So where’s all the headlines? Pretty much most of what we’re seeing is the same old bullshit story. Russia is the enemy of the US. Bullshit stories of hacking emails or tampering with elections the MSM will pull out everything it can just to keep you looking anywhere but in the right direction. Currently the hacking the election story got busted as fake, so onto the next diversion. The shadows know in a few days all is forgotten. There is a reason it’s called T.V. programing.

Before disagreeing think about all the events since 9-11. The school shootings mall shootings exchanges between the police and the people and the endless warring! Except for the “world is our enemy” stories which only serves to justify the cost of the MIC and the bullshit Russia hacking the election story (already proven false over a month prior) name me one other major headline that’s still being mentioned.

If left unchecked and continues on the same path will lead the western nation into a major war with a country as powerful as Russia. So let me ask you, who wins in a war like that? Hint; again follow the money for your answers. Russia is not our enemy rather it’s the US who needs them to be. Most are not even aware painting Russia as the enemy stems back over 70 years back into WW2 and still that paints not dry. There’s a lot more about the Hiroshima story than most folks know.

So the ignorant absorb then digest finally begin to regurgitate but it’s just all the same garbage. The US citizens are regurgitating garbage. Russia’s not on the US border threatening with ballistic missiles are they? But the west along with the help of its lap dog “NATO” are. Currently Poland’s border is lined with ballistic missiles, missiles with interchangeable warheads capable of being converted to nuclear in as little as ten minutes time.

Putin’s forced into devising some sort of retaliatory action while at the same time he’s being painted as the aggressor. Think back about the Cuban missile crises. What would America do if the same aggression were to take place on its borders? What if the Mexican or Canadian borders were suited in a similar manner? I’m confident the US wouldn’t allow it. They’d be painting the Russians as enemies only this time with good reason. Make no mistake this forced war has all the makings of a black swan major event. An event I don’t want ringside tickets for.

The publics thirst for swallowing fake MSM news has eventually lead to the high percentages suffering from ignorance. While I agree more have begun to actually open their eyes a bit still the amount suffering from various forms of cognitive dissonance is making it substantially more challenging maintaining an accurate path going forward. If the US continues its due course heading in the same direction will lead into a nuclear confrontation with at least the Russians. We need to understand what’s really at stake here and begin to act accordingly or most of us are not going to make it. Power hungry Governments will never admit they’re wrong and they don’t care how many lives are lost while denying it.

The amount of garbage being pumped into the minds of ignorant individuals creates a volatile mix that can detonate on a moment’s notice. Most won’t be aware of the occurrence taking place until it already has and all that’s left is the annihilation. Your dollars, Bitcoins, Ethereum, gold, silver or stocks won’t save you or your children. If we do not drop our petty differences and unite as a people we are doomed. If we’re not willing to seek then speak the truth, if were not willing to risk the ridicule that comes from the ignorant, if were not willing to drop a few acquaintances that don’t want to hear truth “if we’re not willing to pay such a trivial price to halt the current direction we’re heading in I’m afraid what will be left of humanity won’t be recognizable.”

What once was the roots of a great nation, the individual thinker has reduced itself to little more than a divided citizenry consisting mainly of the demoralized regurgitating  the garbage they’ve been fed. It has lowered itself to a level of being satisfied with digesting garbage! Like I mention; the most dangerous weapon of any nation is an ignorant citizenry.  Do not underestimate its lethal force. The lives of your family are at stake. Bow to it and perish or risk a bit of ridicule and possibly form an awakening. The choice at least for now still rests on all our shoulders, but it won’t be resting there indefinitely. Linked below are three informative posts that I hope everyone reads and pays serious attention to. There’s an old saying that goes something like this “If you’ve never encountered anything in your community that offends you, you’re not living in a free society.” I find this statement only partially true. The same could be for those living in an ignorant one. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Aug 17, 2017, 8:47 pm

    The events in Charlottsville, which happened much later than this blog post, really bring home your point about the powers that be using divide and conquer events. This is a real acceleration of this trend. I completely understand who stands to gain with war with Russia but unless these powers are suicidal how would they gain from annihilation of the humans which they are part of. Are these forces that delusional that they think they can win a nuclear war. I guess so is what I would answer. The placing of Russia into a nuclear corner will put Russian forces more and more on a hair trigger alert with the potential for mistaking a flock of geese for incoming Nato missiles. This happened quite a few times during Cold War 1 and we were supposed to prevent this but now that the US is not even communicating with Russia because doing so would be tantamount to being a Putin dupe we are in potential serious trouble. There is no one sane minding the store and so the inmates have taken over the insane asylum.

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