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Why I Write

Now that’s truth!

I’m often asked why I donate the countless hours it takes to keep not only one but two blogs. Really it’s a good question, as “why” questions so often are.  Strange as it seems somehow I never found the ultimate answer to that question. Always preferring the path of flow as opposed to force I put it on the back shelf knowing someday when it’s supposed to the answer will reveal itself. Recently with the assistance of a speech by Oliver Stone I believe it has.

Start looking into the alternative sources. Yes! The truth is out there.

During his speech at the 2017 writer’s guild awards Stone’s presentation pretty much hit it on the mark. Stone mentions several perils he’s faced on his journey to reveal truth. I can appreciate when Stone mentions “I fought these people who practice war most of my life. It’s a tiring game and mostly you’ll get your ass kicked”. Mine’s been kicked so often I’m surprised I still have one.

Oliver Stone – Speech at Writers Guild Awards 2017

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I’ve lost many old relationships in my efforts of exposing a corrupt system but along the journey I’ve also gained new ones. I’ve met several people welcoming the opportunity to explore and reveal truth. At first what I considered to be a loss has developed into an incredible gain. These new relationships are operating at much higher frequencies. Their minds are open to what makes sense as opposed to what they’ve been fed. Three past decades of research has taught me a tremendous amount. I now know truth is not a welcomed guest in most people’s homes, belief is. It’s during that same time period that I discovered most appetites are satiated by belief and not truth. I gained an absolute surety that truth is not relative to one’s belief nor is it measured in mass appeal. Truth is simply truth.

While there’s many reasons for why I blog the one reason that stands above all others, thanks to Stone’s assistance is uncovering truth. I write to expose truth to as many as possible. Truth not belief. Stone says: “With all the criticism and the insults that you’ll receive, and the flattery too it’s important to remember if you believe in what you’re saying and you can stay the course you can make a difference”. “Never give up on your heart in your struggle for peace decency and telling the truth.” It’s not about how good a writer you are nor is it about the popularity that you gain it’s about making a difference. The reason I blog is to tell the truth so it may make a difference. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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