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Bannon’s Out! Game, Set and Match.

Divided we fall!

With the firing of Steve Bannon is there any doubt remaining regarding who’s actually running the western nation. As a person possessing an uncanny desire to reveal truth my personal excavation’s been digging now for over three decades. I understand better than most that you have to dig through the dirt to get to the gold. Some might call it an addiction but in any event this longing’s been with me most of my life and should come as no wonder why I’ve donated countless hour’s blogging about it.

Get used to it this is what the modern Police cruiser looks like.

My personal style of writing is direct. Some might even call it an in your face approach but either way its right to the point. Accuracy is all that matters! Accuracy before the event transpires. There’s a multitude of bloggers jumping on board post occurrence attempting to mask that fact by using the latest buzz phrases to make it read well. I am not that type of blogger.

Case in point, time and time again in prior posts I’ve mentioned “If Trump wins it’s because he was supposed to!” Down to its core the truth is always simple and the simple truth is there’s really not much more to it than that. The shadows, the few possessing the big money always play both sides. They always have and always will. Seriously step back for a moment and question yourself if the situation we’re reversed if it were you in that position would you be any different? Serious point to ponder before adding you’re two cents into forming your opinion.  

The past several elections were little more than a staged farce. A dog and pony show put on in efforts of maintaining the illusion that your vote actually matters. It doesn’t. Over time the democrats have taken on the appearance similar to that of an old dish rag.  Through endless corruption they’ve become too dirty to wash, the stains have become imbedded. What do most of us do with old rags that are too stained to be reused, that no longer can be washed clean? We throw them out and grab the next fresh one. For all but the densest the firing of Steve Bannon clearly indicates the neocons are and always have been in complete control. American citizens are now the proud owners of an elected billionaire dish rag named Donald Trump “Donald the dish rag”.

From as far back as two years I can remember several heated emails, debates conversations call them whatever you want to but the main take away was how the “Don” was America’s last chance at redeeming itself as a great nation. Politely I would listen to their reasons before replying with the same answer to all, First study your history then let’s have this conversation again. Don’t tell me what your heart is feeling talk to me about fact!

Personally I might feel Bannon is clueless in regards to world economies but the facts as they stand are the firing of Bannon puts a large dent in the alt. rights armor. In fact at the time of writing this post this alt. right save the nation knight in shining armor is presently little more than a rusted pile of garbage that’s about as useful as that soiled rag I mentioned earlier.

I stood my ground then as I do now when saying Trump, as all politicians will say whatever the people want to hear to gain votes. I believe the current buzz phrase is populism. I maintained that the war torn old dishrag democrats now headed up by Hilary were just too dirty to wash clean and so must be replaced, and they were. Since the shadows control all sides don’t care just as long as the illusion continues, the illusion that your vote actually counts for something more than proving your ignorance. At the same time I cautioned that any replacement will be brought aside and promptly explained how things really work and what’s at stake if the boat is rocked past a certain degree of listing. So what happened a few weeks post-election?

Didn’t Trump flip on every major issue he initially ran his campaign on “make America great again” may be a good slogan but the paradigm shift that’s occurred over time will no longer allow that to take place. We’re no longer living in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s. We’ve rounded the millennium over 17 years ago and the powers that compete for top dog positioning have in many cases joined forces. This combination of nations carries serious clout! This group of nations (some super power nations) is radically more in tune with today’s world then the west is. The west currently finds itself a divided house which cannot stand on its own much longer. The BRICS nations, Silk Road several joint efforts are taking place changing how trade is done. I believe we all understand where that’s heading. Flexibility prevents breakage. The west will not accept change and by being inflexible it too like every other power before it shall break.

It saddens me that most can’t differentiate the differences between what a great nation is and what a prosperous nation is, or should I was. But again to reveal truth would involve committing the time in doing the research. Most westerners simply would rather rifle off their opinion which for the most part is somewhere out in left field. Actually it’s morphed past left field and currently lines up closer to the aft portion of the parking lot. No one ever drains a swamp while still swimming in it!

Upon his victory Trump promptly appointed several members from the quagmire known as Goldman Sachs. Still the heartfelt thinkers refused to acknowledge what’s actually taking place right under their noses. I continued further by mentioning that within 60 to 90 days if elected Trump will be set straight in a private meeting. He will be cautioned what happens to people who stray too far off the path. Trump was first castigated before being castrated. Yes he had his balls handed to him by powers far stronger so does it matter if they were served to him on a silver platter?  Look what promptly followed? Russia is now the recipient of additional sanctions. Make no mistake about it War has already begun even if the simpleton’s refuse to acknowledge it.

During the pre-election phase Trump’s campaign was largely aimed towards exploring peaceful relations with the Russian superpower. The masses were taken in by it most were in approval so as always the shadows not being far behind began using this in their favor. As always they merely played both sides again and waited. Post-election the bought and paid for media’s created the hype about the Russians hacking the election which of course spread like wildfire. It went viral in every corner of the planet. That became the appropriate time to neuter the elected and they did. Remember America needs war in order for its GDP to function. Without war America crumples. Again truth is straight forward its direct but it’s not what most want to hear.

So it becomes very interesting how in 60 to 90 days postelection Trump somehow shifts from working towards peaceful relations to recreating a portrait of the Russians being the western nation’s public enemy number one. A well displayed portrait that’s taken decades to paint in such great detail. Medias first fabricating then describing how the Russians rigged the western election and the newly elected is acting as some sort of double agent, a secret agent if you will. Honestly you can’t make this stuff up! In actuality I guess you can. Just look at any MSM form of media and as the saying goes “Enough Said!”

So once again the Russians have become the Wests greatest evil… an evil that surpasses the self-created terrorists that arrived long after. Remember the Russians have been branded as America’s most dangerous enemy for well over 70 years and I’ve mentioned that there’s a lot more about the bombing of Hiroshima than most know of.

Upon landing from his miraculous double flip the freshly neutered President paused for a while to enjoying his hand full of tasty fish he was rewarded for completing such a difficult maneuver. Once back up to speed the recently elected – neutered you choose the preferred term promptly passes legislation on? Additional sanctions! Sanctions resembling an act of war or at least a trade war were placed on the Russians. Roughly during that 60 to 90 day postelection time period look at the shift in events. Anybody who still believes that America is not already at war with the Russians is sadly mistaken. Warren Zevon expressed it best within the lyrics his song “Lawyers, Guns and Money.”

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So what comes next? This is only my thoughts from prior research but with the removal of Bannon I fully expect all aspects of warring to take a sharp upward curve. This includes both foreign and domestic as those with open eyes will realize they’re being divided by every means possible. To dovetail it for the next foreseeable future violence both foreign and domestic will increase significantly. This time I’ll actually bet on it. Two to three years from now if one were to look back will recognize this occurrence as a major pivotal point towards war. Shame the future requires the past to promote its clarity. It’s only at that point in the future will the negative effects brought on by the past be effusively realized; however at the point the damage has already been done.

On the domestic side you’ll be seeing the citizens facing off against each other. In many parts of the world you’re currently witnessing an increase of internal conflicts. I expect these skirmishes will develop not only in scale but in frequency. In due course as it always has will create deeper divides and a wider separations. The fact that the “fear of chaos” is one of our four primary fears, and the shadows know this will cause the citizens to begin policing themselves. Just look back in history prior to any world conflict and what do you see? Citizens turning on themselves, the violence begins to escalate from within. Is it not what you’re witnessing right now?

Next you have the same shadows that initially created the problem offer the solution. Remember it’s only going to cost you a bit more of what’s left of your freedoms. Police begin to take on a military resemblance and to keep order begin killing or at least cracking a few  skulls of their own citizens. I ask again is it not what you’re witnessing right now?

More fear sets in and the shadows know at that point freedom’s importance is sitting somewhere in the back row. Most people will do anything to be protected in times of mass chaos. The “just make it go away” mentality takes over! Again this is only my personal thoughts but does it hurt to be prepared with an exit plan? Even if you never use it how can it hurt by having one?

On foreign soil expect similar activities to ensue. Expect an escalation of America’s involvement in warring across the planet. As previously posted America needs to justify the absurd price tag of its military. More accurately stated its military industrial complex. If either remain stationary for any length of time it becomes very difficult to justify their steep costs. America needs war always has and because of its addiction to corruption always will!

Once again history is my partner history will back me up on that one as far back as you care to go. Until we figure out how to come together as a people and I have serious doubts we ever will the shadows plans will continue to flourish. It will be your children who return home under those flags while their children just continue to waive them.

With the coup d’état fruitful and well set in place it’s my opinion you’ll be seeing the main stream relaxing a bit on their relentless witch hunt. Furthering my opinion I feel we’ll be seeing an ease on the impeach Trump movement. In all probability Trump won’t be impeached, however he may step down with a resignation. Not because the powers can’t force it, they can it’s because they no longer need to.

Goldman’s swamp remains intact and the dish rag does its duty until it too becomes permanently soiled. When you have trillions you can afford to buy as many billion dollar useful dish rags as you need.  Spend a few billion to make a few trillion, seems logical if one had the means to do so. Wash rinse repeat, wash rinse repeat, until soiled beyond use. Then discard and replace.

At that time another pre-bought rag will be unfolded and displayed for all still gullible enough to believe their vote matters. Debt rules people follow! I can’t help repeating the most dangerous weapon any nation has is an ignorant citizenry. Over the next while I’d suggest you keep your eyes wide open, your plans quite flexible and your chin strap tightened securely. Until next time this is Barry in Dr.





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  • Gary Aug 22, 2017, 5:20 pm

    Michael Krieger, https://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2017/08/22/the-imperial-collapse-clock-ticks-closer-to-midnight/#more-46989, summarizes the firing of Steve Bannon as well as anyone I’ve read. He has a great website.

    “Last night’s announcement of a recommitment to the Afghanistan war is the earliest evidence that Trump has been completely castrated and will now play by status quo rules with little to no friction. This Presidency will very quickly begin to look like the fifth George W. Bush term (Obama was three and four), on every single issue of genuine importance to oligarchs.”

    If the alt-right still justify Trump then they will be as foolish and dumb as much as the left justified Obama. Hopefully they will not go down that road.

    • Barry Aug 22, 2017, 9:34 pm

      Michael Krieger is one of a very few sites that I frequent. Quite often I share similar views as he. Perhaps we analyze in a comparable fashion to achieve our thoughts and opinions. I’m also an avid reader of a couple of others like Martin Armstrong and Paul Craig Roberts. For those willing to make an effort the truth can be found. I key more towards accuracy than just good reading and therefore for me nobody explains the entire movement better than Mark Passio does. When you’ve actually been in the belly of the beast nothing but nothing beats hands on experience. After all it’s the only way to create true wisdom, RIGHT?


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