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Start Thinking From a Higher Plane

August and September ugh!

It’s late August 2017. I’m composing this post while the thermometer is reaching the mid 90’s.  Yes it’s hot and the air is thick. At times you’d swear you could cut it with a knife. For all who dislike humidity August and September are the two most uncomfortable months in Cabrera. This especially holds true for those living at sea level. Congested towns become a barrier for any possible airflow and when air’s not flowing humidity begins to rise. The bigger the city the more it’s amplified. In the Capitol at times it’s almost unbearable, you’ll be seeing humidity peeking somewhere into the low to mid 90’s! It does tend to create what I like to call a sauna effect.

Ten to fifteen minutes away and it’s a much cooler world.

Those of us who for one reason or another decided to live up in the higher altitudes I’m sure this time of year reconfirmed why they did. Those living in altitudes in excess of 250 feet above sea level August and September don’t seem nearly as uncomfortable and most of us including myself don’t even have air conditioners! I’ve lived in Florida and trust me it’s not even comparable as to which one is more difficult to withstand. Florida wins hands down.

I’m on the porch reviewing some recent form fills from the website when I noticed that a fair amount of folks in one way or another have been using the: wanting to see the view from the top of the staircase while still on the ground in their comments. Several commented it best describes what they’re trying to accomplish by reaching out. When first using that analogy either in text or in conversation I noticed instantly a significant percent began switching on similar to a bulb. The point I was attempting to convey just snapped into place, they got it! This especially holds true for the many reaching out to me who are contemplating major changes in their lives. I’m really pleased it got so many people thinking.

While some folks are simply asking questions others are expressing their ideas for future plans. The subject list I receive is near endless… but did you know? When planning for the future one is usually thinking from a higher plane. It’s a time when the Frequencies of what you are thinking about are beginning to line up with those held in your vortex. We all have a vortex. A person’s vortex holds their desires in a state of suspension. Some prefer to call this a dream or wish but in actuality everything’s already there waiting in your vortex.

To dovetail this further if you can imagine it, hear it, think it, dream it, see feel or taste it whatever term you choose to describe the sense… if it’s describable it’s already in your vortex. Your job in life is to figure out how to align those frequencies to produce the desired results you want. That’s the point when “things start falling into place” and they are but for reasons mentioned above. Anyway I’m glad that cliché got some people thinking.

Back to the topic so many readers keep emailing about. Wanting to experience the view from the top of the staircase without taking the first step… it’s essentially wanting to experience something without actually doing it. It’s gotten to be quite a common request.

For the high percentage afflicted with this wanting to experience without doing syndrome feel at ease it’s not your fault. It’s your habits and your addictions that caused your current fate. We’ve become addicted to computers. We’ve traded real experience for simple knowledge. Bad Deal!

Sorry to inform those reading this post but the short answer is you can’t! As long as you only possess five senses to accomplish that task would be impossible. To better emphasize let’s use color and sound as examples to further my point. All colors and sounds are created from frequencies hertz or wave lengths. In efforts NOT to make this a science post which is not my intention I’ll limit by mentioning that our eyes are sensitive only to a narrow region of the entire electromagnet spectrum. This area we term “visible light”. Note in the chart below this is actually a very narrow passage of a much grander electromagnet spectrum. So just because we can’t see it does it mean that it’s not there?

That narrow spectrum. That’s it that all we visualize.

Much the same holds true when it comes to sound. Sound is also created by using the same energies as light. We humans only have a minimal range in comparison to what is available in the audio world. Once again we receive only a narrow a bandwidth of a much larger spectrum. I suppose a dog whistle might serve as a good example. Anyone who’s ever seen one in use would agree as humans we can’t hear a thing while your pet dog’s howling from the pain caused by the very same frequency. It’s simply out of our range of detection, but not of your pets. Obviously there are energies all around us that our five senses can’t detect.

There’s a grander world beyond our five senses.

But here’s the question. Do you accept that? That’s not as easy a question as it seems and serves to describe why each of us needs to climb those stairs one at a time to seek our own answers. The view’s going to change with each step. Step four will yield new views that were not visible on the steps below.  Pardon the pun but it’s a step by step process that takes into account you’re dominate side when thoughts feelings and actions are put into place. Are you left hemisphere or right hemisphere dominate.

What side of the fence post are you leaning toward, which hemisphere of your brain do your thought patterns originate from? By in large this one aspect will place dominance on how you personally think feel and take action. Thus it will affect the outcomes that come forth. Thought and feeling occur before action and incorrect thought leads to mixed feelings which often leads to incorrect action. I’m confident we can all relate to that at one time or another throughout our lives.

It all boils down to frequencies. It’s important to first realize neither is right or wrong and we all have a combination of both within us. However in modern times a large majority of us are imbalanced and are leaning heavily towards the left hemisphere. The reasons for this are far too numerous to be listed in a single post, actually you’d have a hard time fitting them into a small library if you really wanted to cover the topic in depth.

How each person’s going to answer a question depends largely on what hemisphere of their brain is more dominant. Those relying more on the left hemisphere of the brain generally act on what their senses can detect. In other words if I can’t see it, feel it, taste it, hear it and so on then it must not exist. Trust me when I say in current times there’s a high percentage that fall into that category. Take a moment, notice where this kind of thinking is leading our planet? Then try to convince me it’s not being done by design.

If you’re asking the same question only to a person who’s leaning toward the right hemisphere quite likely you’ll be receiving a near opposite reaction. Those dominated by the right hemisphere tend to accept what is not limited within the five senses. These folks tend to be more spiritual in nature. Their skills in art and music excel when compared to those leaning left.

Similar results can be found when it comes to the different religions of our world. The left have difficulty in believing whereas the dominant right side thinkers for the most part do not. The right side has no problem with accepting belief.  The left side cannot accept belief. They need hard core facts they need to know! Perhaps that’s why they tend to rely heavily on science and math for their answers. Remember we need both sides, one is not better than the other but it does serve to explain why we think the way we do.

Before this post gets to long rounding the corner and heading for home I hope this post explains why you’ll never be able to see the top of the staircase without taking the first step and more importantly. Why each of us will view what lies ahead of us in different ways.  No one size fits all. You need to align your thoughts to what it is that you desire… to the point that you know it’s already there. When done successfully the law of attraction never fails. It will come it has to.

Think of it as sort of a Fibonacci Spiral. Either way in the end we’ll all get there, only the pathways are different. The left travels on a straight path, point A to point B and the right prefers the curved scenic route but all roads lead home. Does anyone else find it a bit strange how both of these routes intersect at the number 144? Once again a small library would be needed to house all the available information on that subject as well. A world of information lies waiting inside your computer, but there’s a world of experience lying dormant just outside it.  Thoughts feelings actions in that order equal flow. All else is only force. Choose wisely. Until next time.

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  • Mitchell Small Sep 3, 2017, 1:19 pm

    I’ll never forget the moment you said this to me as well. Same idea but you phrased it “just step on the first rung of the ladder and you’ll be surprised how much clearer things look”….and that’s when it started to sink in and help me realize that everything good takes time but it’s not going to fall in your “instant gratification” lap.

    Yes, there are the straight line, A to B people, as well as the scenic route people and either choice gets you there. Unfortunately, there is the “over analysis leads to paralyses” group who will all boil with the other frogs. I refuse to be in that kettle however.

    I am definitely one of those people you got thinking and my vortex is close to taking me to the North Coast reality. Despite the time and place I live I am full of hope for my families future but I am most certain I would otherwise feel hopeless had I not stepped on to the first rung of the ladder. Plans like owning land, being residents and working towards my Plan B are very close to reality and that, my friends, is a very comforting insurance policy in this day and time. See you in Cabrera!

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