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Sunrise at the cabin

Between our NW video tour followed by a ten day family reunion in Canada it’s nice to be back to the normal smooth pace of Cabrera. Liane and I took advantage of the off time, the summer time in Cabrera and headed up north to Timmins Ontario. Thought we’d enjoy the cooler temps while spending some quality time with her side of the family. What a great time. Timmins is a small mining town about 8 hour’s drive north of Toronto. For me it’s been 11 years since last being there and I feel I’ve gained a clearer understanding of what my Canadian subscribers mean when they say “it’s not the same” and they’re correct it’s not.

Spent a fair bit of our time fishing and enjoying the lake.

While we did have a great time 11 years still represents a fair time span and things tend to evolve over vast time periods. They did. By just staying on the sidelines, simply by listening did manage to acquire some additional wisdom’s that only a hands on experience can provide. I can now say with surety it’s not the same.

We stayed at Liane’s folk’s lake cottage and being away from the keyboard for 10 days did me some good. Liane’s folks have a rustic wooden cabin at the lakes edge and I honestly don’t think the camp fire went out the total time we were there. In his younger years Liane’s father was a miner and a trapper who spent countless hours in the bush he understands the importance of a functioning campfire. According to the locals there still are a lot of bears in the area especially at night that time of the year.

A simple cottage shared by all. Honestly the ten days away from the “NET” was awesome.

It was great to have all the immediate family together and I know it was important not only for Liane but for her parents as well. They’re not getting any younger thus it’s getting harder to take care of the property and as a result have been contemplating putting it up for sale. Like her parents said “things have changed” only meaning it more from an age perspective as opposed to a community one.

Hope they don’t sell the place. I’d love to return next summer. As for winter that’s another story.

Speaking of changes as a trending enthusiast here’s a few changes, a few trends that I noticed while visiting Timmins. I suppose much of the same could be said about any place that a person’s lived in for any length of time, still it was interesting to see things unfold. I’m confident the same holds true round the globe, which of course includes Timmins. I would wager a fair bet that a hefty percentage of residents residing in Timmins would fall into the same pool. To them It won’t be nearly as noticeable, Why! Because “A fish is unaware of the water it swims in”. On a long enough time span the survival rate is zero, we all become infected. We become unaware of changes within our surroundings.

When it comes to us humans the above print in bold holds true 100%! To varying degrees this analogy holds true with every living human being. Because these trending issues take vast amounts of time before cresting I can understand why so many are caught off guard. Over time and by media repetition people will become unaware of most changes that occur within their own environment. Just have a look around at todays world. Take a good long look and what do you see, enough said!

Most trends change gradually so they tend to take a considerable amount of time to come full circle. Trends do not operate similar to an On/Off switch. Trends operate more like a dimmer switch, they operate gradually. So it’s easy to understand why people watching the changes on a day-to-day basis might be blinded to the bigger picture. I completely grasp why there’s this lack of awareness. Much like the fish swimming over time most of us will be blinded of the environment which we live in and from what I could see Timmins is no exception.

Yea the dock needs work and the cottage needs a bit of fixing but its perfect just the way it is.

The fist point I want to touch on, the first big difference at least from what I noticed has got to be the Chemtrails!!! I’ve never seen so many! Honestly you’d have a difficult time counting them all. Perhaps you’d stand a better chance of counting all the folks suffering from their side effects. As an outsider I couldn’t help but notice an overwhelming percentage seem to be sneezing coughing or both. Except for the observant few (by them mentioning it) most remain blinded to the effects caused by their own environment. Stretching my point a bit further I noticed there’s an enormously high percentage of people who keep rubbing their eyes. A large percentage seem to be suffering from eye issues ranging from sensitivity to light to irritated red eyes that will not stop tearing. Ask them what’s causing it and the overwhelming majority say allergies. Ask them have you always had these allergies and almost 100% will say approximately for the last decade… never had it while I was growing up… Hum interesting I’m thinking to myself.

A lot of good times good stories and naturally cooled beer!

The next thing I noticed was how the average person’s diet has changed. Yes the diet in Timmins has changed a tremendous amount over the past 11 years. Almost everything is processed! In past years I’ve never consumed so much processed food and adding to that remember, we were only there for 10 days, Ten Days! The effects are obvious. Obesity is a tough thing to hide.

So often what follows a prolonged diet of process foods is cancer. It was appalling to see such high numbers, both young and old suffering from obesity. The age bracket didn’t seem to make any noticeable difference in the percentages. From what I’ve noticed it’s fairly even across the board and so the fish keeps swimming unaware of the effects brought on by its environment.

The lake and the rivers were beautiful. For most of the week we had them all to ourselves.

It’s a well-known fact when we humans are exposed to radical changes in our environments it’s a safe bet there’s going to be some serious side effects and there are. It was in town where I noticed many of these side effects have already commenced and are well set in place. For one people seem considerably more tense. Just to be clear I’m not saying it was anything bad or unacceptable but there’s definitely a noticeable difference in the people over the past 11 years.

A very peaceful place to park your cells for a while.

While staying at the lake the people were great, and they should be. Most have known each other a very long time now. They’ve seen each-others children grow up and begin lives of their own. There’s a lot of family history there. The area is a small lakeside community consisting of about 22 cabins. It’s kind of ironic that very same subject of change was brought up several times while sitting around the camp fire. Actually brought up by folks who’s families span several generations in Timmins.  Sitting back and just listening my assumption was it’s almost as if they all wanted to get their own two cents worth by describing their version of the change in the people of Timmins. Seems the farther back you go the longer the story was, but that’s going to be normal almost anywhere in the world. It has something to do with acquiring wisdom but that subject’s for another post. I’ll save the topic for future use.

Located about 15 Km’s out of Timmins Lake Papakomika is an excellent place to chill out and park your cells for a while. But for us only during the summer months.

The point is most of my information regarding the change in the people of Timmins stems from local folk, not from me. As one generation departs if the next generation is born into not knowing will assume the current way as being normal. A person’s own privacy might serve as a good example of the above. The next generation will view it as being perfectly normal that Governments know everything about their personal information. They won’t understand it has nothing to do with hiding anything rather it has everything to do with a person’s rights to privacy.

“A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. Max Planck.” So in essence as one generation dies off another is born into not knowing. Thus it becomes the excepted normality. This time there’s a lot more to it when I say “the fish keeps on swimming”.

It’s well past ten and the sun is setting. Another day ends and a new one waits just beyond the horizon.

So what’s the take away from this? Besides letting everyone know we had a great time what else is the point of this post? It’s an attempt to provide the reader with enough interest enough curiosity that they begin researching on their own.  In addition to the above it’s an effort to jog the brain of open-minded folks so perhaps they’ll strive for a clearer understanding of why People’s cells will react to the environment they’re placed in. So the next logical question might be are your cells in the environment you want them to be in? Subjective, sure but still posses a thought provoking question. Be it for the good or for the evil “We The People” are all just byproducts of our environments.

Happy to be back.

Upon returning to Cabrera I couldn’t help but realize it to has changed. Cabrera’s not the same as it was a decade prior. Change is constant but of course to varying degrees! However there’s another aspect about this phenomena that’s often overlooked. The concept of simple vs. complex. The more complex a system is the more change that can take place within it. Perhaps this point best describes why changes seem to develop slower in some countries than in others. The same holds true in life. Simpler lifestyles change less rapidly than fast paced lifestyles. Liane and I opted for the simple ways. For us it brings a higher level of understanding of what’s really important. Along with that develops a higher frequency, over time a greater inner peace.

Sure the sunrises and sunsets might be a bit different but who’s complaining.

Decades prior when composing our Plan B we paid careful attention about the above facts. In all my research I could not come up with one northern country that passed the cut for simplicity. Climate was the one constant factor that represented a large red flag. Winters harsh elements eliminate the possibility of a simple lifestyle. Putting all other factors aside the weather factor alone proved my point that the north does not allow for a simpler lifestyle when comparing it to the balmy climates of the tropics. Call it life’s little snooze button if you will but if you already live in a tropical climate you know what I’m referring to. This holds especially true if you originally hailed from the north. Those of you who have already know about the truth in what I’m referring to.

After all our experience of living in both environments we think we’ll keep our cells parked here for as long as possible. but then again it’s all subjective isn’t it?

So here we are. Both of us just returned to the country and promptly headed out for a few things to fill the fridge. There must have been 15 or more folks waving hello. Earlier today I met with a couple of local friends and had a coffee together. I must have had a smirk on my face the entire time because it was mentioned several times “what’s so funny“. I replied with my usual answer of “I’m happy to be here and I’ll help the team any way I can” but on a deeper level I knew what it was. While it may have taken decades to uncover eventually I’ve grasped the meaning of People’s cells will react to the environment that they’re placed in.

Returning to Cabrera somehow it was reconfirmed, it hit the both of us and nearly at the same time. We stared at each other for a moment and realized our cells had changed to, but for us that was a long time ago. More so for us this little trip reconfirmed how true a statement “your cells react to the enviorment that they’re placed in” really is.

However there’s an additional bit of knowledge we both discovered upon our return. Returning to Cabrera confirmed how to varying degrees we’re all oblivious to the fish bowl  we swim in.  Over the years Cabrera’s changed to and by leaving it for a couple of weeks reconfirmmed at least for me another law, a universal law. The law that states “seperation creates clarity” without exception it does. I did mention no one’s immune to this fish bowl disease, didn’t I? Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Aug 8, 2017, 2:57 pm

    Your comments really got my wheels turning. I never thought of the concept of our cells reacting to the environment that they’re placed in but you’re absolutely right and not just in the metaphorical sense of basically knowing that we fit in or not but actually in the physical sense that our mind-body reacts at the cellular level. What you encountered at Timmins could be multiplied endlessly everywhere in the west. I think cancer is basically our cells rejecting and trying to adapt to artificial factors like processed food and chemtrails and then going haywire and chaotic in this attempt. And besides processed food and chemtrails only god knows what else is in the environment causing so much injury. The other point you made in your blog post besides the cells reacting to the environment is that little by little change is brought in so gradually that only in hindsight and going way in the past can you then see the change. It works the same as the boiling frog scenario where the heat is turned up so gradually that the frog is not even aware of the danger until it’s too late. I’ve made a real point of going over older movies, documentaries and travelogues from the ’60’s all the way back to the silent era and just observing crowd scenes and extras in movies, just ordinary people and not movie stars and famous actors. What do I find. 100% people in general used to be much thinner and rarely did you find a rotund person. And a person considered obese back then would be considered mildly overweight today. Look at older travelogues from decades past of visitors at Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and look at scenes of pedestrians walking the streets whether it’s Los Angeles or New York decades past and almost all people were normal weight. It’s really an eye-opening exercise. So what does this tell us? Little by little because of the lousy phony processed food we are the frogs in the boiling pot. Our cells adapt to this environment of fake food by storing the junk as fat and it accumulates in our body.

    Just thought I’d get my two cents in.

    • Barry Aug 9, 2017, 9:18 am

      Your pocket change (two cents) is always welcomed.

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