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The 400 Million Dollar Iran Deal, Ransom, Payment Whatever!

CIA Director John O Brennan "It's all on the up and up"

CIA Director John O Brennan
“It’s all on the up and up”

There’s just so much that’s currently happening I honestly have trouble picking which event to write about. There’s such a broad selection of topics ranging from a coughing psychopath to the daily deaths of the men in blue. With such a vast amount to choose from it represents quite a challenge to decide which goes to print. It seems that much of the world is in a complete shambles and the walls are tumbling down.

So many are so clueless that it would be depressing if I donated much of my time even thinking about it.  I’ve left that harbor decades ago venturing into what once were unchartered waters. Seems I may have landed on the shores of success since so many informed folks are now reaching out asking inquiring actually opening their minds to how they’ve been duped.

I'll Give You 400 Million Reasons Why.

I’ll Give You 400 Million Reasons Why.

Now realizing they’ve been misled for a lifetime on some of the deepest long held beliefs that were passed on by parents or other well-wishers. At last there’s a greater understanding of one can teach you what they do not know themselves. The intent might be good but the information may have been inaccurate.

For many this awakening has been the root cause of a healthy dose of what many refer to as cognitive dissonance. Since the sole doesn’t like being pulled in different directions especially when it comes to long-held beliefs many are beginning to feel an uneasy sensation. Some have expressed it as similar to being sea sick. We all know that queasy feeling when your insides are talking back to you. Others have described it as that nauseous feeling when they’ve had that one drink over the line syndrome. In either example it serves to provide one with a sense of uneasiness.

As hard as it might be to understand that’s actually a good thing. You’re now questioning yourself. It represents several positive changes are beginning to take place. Two such examples would be the mind is opening and more willing to research and secondly you’re tired of sensing Something Feels Wrong. By exploring these new-found pathways take comfort in knowing at the very least they might lead you back to the source of origination, the same place you were in the beginning. However if it does you still win because you now have replaced belief with surety. Belief is nothing more than an ornamental way of saying I DON’T KNOW but in surety there is no doubt.

Another great benefit of weathering the internal storm caused by the feelings associated with cognitive dissonance follows. You will begin an understanding to let go of that helpless feeling of not being able to get through to the ones you’ve tried so hard to reach. No amount of emails or phone calls trying to get others on board is going to help. That’s a ship that’s departed well over a decade prior and it’s not wise to purchase tickets for a ship that already departed. You’ll either be wasting you money or your time and in a worst case scenario both!

In the later stages we will retain a better understanding of “while we never wish harm will accept the cold hard fact after all that’s transpired anyone who still even debates the multitude of wrongdoings deserves to be left standing at the dock”. It is a physical world and people have got to stop wearing a wish bone where their back bone ought to be.


So lets recap just to make sure I got this right. You make a wiring for 3000 dollars and they record it. You have a couple thousand dollars cash on you and they can seize it. It’s apparent that your Government trusts you so much you’re looked upon as either being an embezzler a drug dealer a terrorist or your laundering money.

On the other hand the very same people not trusting you hand over 400 MILLION cold hard cash to Iran who is arguably the most dangerous country when it comes to harboring and aiding terrorists and what to you hear from you own CIA director?  “It’s all on the up and up” I guess literally it just might be (OUCH!) but up what, for that he has no words. The whole thing makes perfect sense to me.

So after spinning the roulette wheel the final resting point landed on the 400 million dollar cash deal recently sent to Iran. But it wouldn’t matter much where it landed, it could have been anywhere. Once again all you little wavers of different colored shards of cloth took it up the butt. We’re number one (ouch!) we’re number one (Ouch!). Be cautious when going to the garage that supports a sign in the waiting area that reads free grease with every shaft.

Much the same as Obamacare, the election, the wars on drugs and terrorism even this 400 million dollar cash ransom all share one thing in common. There all gonna hurt those flag wavers still naïve enough to believe any of them.  Funny I can still hear them faintly in the back of my mind chanting we’re number one (Ouch) we’re number one (Ouch!). Some people just never learn. Until next time.

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