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An Urgent Message To All Who Will Listen

Just like the good old days. Photo Credit IMCA International Motor Contest Association

Just like the good old days.
Photo Credit
IMCA International Motor Contest Association

There’s a lot of truth in the saying you have to slow down in order to speed up. In my youth I would constantly hear those words from my father. He used to do a lot of circle racing back in Canada and as a kid I’d love to head out to the track every weekend.  I’d love helping out behind the fence. Doing simple things on the car or just fetching tools for his pit crew I didn’t care. I was in the zone. Another thing he taught me about racing that holds true in life is the fastest rarely wins. He’d explain that more often than not late in the race the fastest had to make a quick trip to the pits for either a splash of gas or for two outside tires. The most balanced (car) wins races not the fastest. Life seems to operate in a similar fashion. It’s the most balanced that wins. It’s these people who seem to be the most satisfied. The winners if you will.

You know anybody like this. The key to success an anything is balance. Especially when it comes to Balance of Power.

You know anybody like this. The key to success in anything is balance. Especially when it comes to the Balance of Power.

Think about that for a moment. Think about that and then apply it to life. Apply it to work ethic in relationships, family just about every aspect in your life. It holds fast and true doesn’t it? Pardon the pun on that last sentence but I had to.

Now go one step further and apply it to nations and the balance of power. Holds equally true for that theme as well. It’s the balance that keeps things in check. Whenever a system is out of balance it produces a wobble. The more you accelerate the stronger the wobble becomes. Hence back to my opening statement you have to slow down in order to speed up.

TURKEY COUP; Blamed On US General John F. Campbell, CIA Funded $2 Billion Via Nigerian Bank

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I tried my best to use an apology that might make sense to most readers.  Now I’ll apply some throttle and raise the RPM a bit. One of the costliest mistakes you can make in racing is pushing your equipment to far. Stressing it beyond the limits of what the days set up will allow. Different tracks require different set ups on the car. One of the most important part of any pit stop is making adjustments on the car to better handle the current conditions. In other words to better balance the car for the conditions its facing.

Steps Forward: Putin, Erodgan hold first phone conversation since Turkey downed Russian jet


Now let’s really open the throttle and think about where we stand in terms of world conflict. As previously mentioned western nations are currently pushing their equipment way beyond its limits. I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to understand this critical point. It means there’s a need to slow down reduce the wobble rethink the situation in order to successfully navigate the next turn. If not you’re setting yourself up for a nasty crash and you’re going to get hurt. A lot of us will.

Another critical point to comprehend is this doesn’t mean weakness! On the contrary its a sign of bravery. Anytime you stand up against the odds and are willing to face ridicule from your peers all for the sake of spreading truth is an excellent definition of what  bravery is. The growing numbers of the recruited who are now coming forth declaring what’s actually taking place overseas is Bravery. The order takers who keep silent in fear of speaking out against the majority in fear of rocking the boat have to live with themselves. Might partially explain the high percentage of post service syndrome so many are now having to live with.

Now for the following I’m running at WOT (wide open throttle). It’s a fact once again the US attempted to puppet over another Government. This time it occurred over in Turkey. So this time how are you going to handle it? Are you going to apply more throttle to the already existing wobble or are you going to slow down and complete the next corner? Will you be brave or remain a coward? In spite of how it appears NATO doesn’t stand for Not Another Terrorist Operation!

TURKEY COUP; Blamed On US General John F. Campbell, CIA Funded $2 Billion Via Nigerian Bank
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It scares me to say this but the choice is up to you. Other nations are leaving the west at an alarming rate and reassembling with nations of the east. It’s boiling down to will you understand this or will you selfishly crash in the next turn taking several other cars (nations) out of the race with you?

Putin’s Urgent Message to the West

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Putin Quotes the following in 2016. I’ve pulled various speeches and will attach some of them with this post. Not taking sides mind you but if you sit and listen  perhaps you’ll hear what a real leader sounds like. Put the ego on hold and listen to how he speaks perfect sense. He makes no attempt bloating the egos of his own people. Not once does he mention his nation being  superior to all others and therefore so is everyone born within its borders. There’s no one dressed up in some sort of clown suit yelling we’re number one while wearing a red rubber nose piece. Plainly stated it’s not a dog and pony show so familiar to what’s happening on the other side of the pond.

Quotes from a brilliant leader:

“Actions not based on zero-sum logic but on cooperation”

“You cannot disempower an institution when you have nothing new to put in its place”

“Unfortunately the United States, declaring themselves to be the victors of the Cold War, seemed to assure themselves that there is simply no need for such reconstruction.”

“Jurisprudential norms became entirely arbitrary. Meanwhile the total control over the world’s media allowed one to sell black for white and white for black.”

“The ambitions of this group have become so grandiose, that their very narrow interests are presented as the interest of all humanity.”

He’s realist and if you can manage to tune your brain in long enough to watch these few videos you just might receive that much-needed adjustment allowing you to successfully navigate that next corner. More importantly so all of us can navigate it together as a world. It’s the human race that we’re all a part of and in this race there’s no backup car if the first one’s totaled. This is why normalcy bias often kills. Until next time.

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