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Before and After

ObamaNothing quite sells the story better than before and after. Perhaps that’s why it’s used in marketing to the extent that it is. Everywhere you look in any form of media chances are you’ll be finding it. We’ve all seen those advertisements showing what a person looked like before and after using a particular product or post a particular procedure. Before and after has the ability of  capturing the WOW effect better than any other form of advertising.

As it was once explained billions have been made and billions have been swayed. Take for example plastic surgery perhaps one of the best uses of the art of before and after. Surgeons are spending tens of thousands of dollars putting together high-profile portfolios with only one end goal. First is to gain your trust and second is to gain your dollars. As with anything there’s three sides to the story yours, theirs and somewhere nestled between is the truth.

And the picture is titled nose surgery gone wrong??? Really got to wonder. Credit Surgery pics.info

And the picture is titled nose surgery gone wrong??? Really got to wonder.
Credit Surgery pics.info

Before after works both ways there’s also after before. To best understand where I’m heading with this just go onto the internet and search botched plastic surgeries. You’ll be seeing some famous folks from Hollywood who in their youth looked great. As middle age approaches and the crow’s feet start leaving their prints for some it’s just too much to bear. Out comes the scalpel lifts tucks pulls stretches sounds more like a work out than a surgery.

For example take lip augmentation. While just one of the many exercises in the gym of plastic surgery lets use it to determine my point. Depending whether it’s a before after or an after before would blow your mind. I’ve witnessed some of the before after cases that actually turned out pretty good. However if you find yourself on the losing side and in the after before category OMG!

Some of these botched jobs look like they could literally vacuum suction onto a nuclear sub and vertically lift it out of the sea and in the same motion gently place it on dry land. But here’s the catch. You’ll never see that in the surgeon’s portfolio. Some of the most famous the, wealthiest people have had their surgeries screwed up but you’ll never be seeing it in the surgeon’s portfolio.

You know the rich and famous are not going to some unlicensed back ally hack man. They have the resources to secure the best in the business they don’t need to be doing that. It’s like anything else in life we’re only seeing what we’re supposed to be seeing. Unless you do your own in-depth research you’ll always be receiving only part of the story. You know their side. What about your side? What about THE TRUTH?

Seems everyone is using this before after form to mislead the public. Another prime example of how its being used might be fear porn on the Internet. Plastic surgery and fear porn are just two examples but there’s an abundance of others. You’ll see Lawyers using it. You’ll observe supplement companies swearing by it diet and health product companies guaranteeing it. But for me the best one is how Realtors unknowingly get caught up in it. It’s those pictures of themselves on their business cards.

My God you can be standing in line at the coffee shop right next to the person you’re supposed to be meeting at mid-day and never recognize them till three in the afternoon. If that’s not enough the only way you’ve finely figured out that its them is because it’s three in the afternoon and the coffee shop is empty. It was by the process of elimination.

What realtors don’t age? The misleading photo on their card happens to be 30 years old!  If they’re already being deceptive on their business card are you sure you want to trust them telling the truth about that property you’re considering to purchase. I wonder???

So what’s the problem you might be thinking? It’s no big deal if folks don’t do their research they’re only hurting themselves right? Right but here’s the big deal nations use it and NATO  uses it! Sit back and think about that for a moment. Sure I’ll agree its one thing if someone causes damage to themselves or decides it might be neat to vacuum suck a submarine right out of its birth and place it on dry land. However its quite another set of circumstances when over 1.4 million lives have been lost over it. Most of these lost lives were nothing more than innocent pawns located on the wrong square, the wrong area of the board in a deadly game of corporate chess. Wouldn’t you agree there’s a huge difference?

Before NATO after NATO

Before NATO after NATO

To further demonstrate my point I thought It be interesting if I gathered a sample of a before after or after before picture of the damage that can be inflicted when nations or NATO become involved. I quickly picked any photo but have a look for yourself there are thousands. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which way to view the results. A picture before NATO invaded and after NATO left claiming they’ve completed their mission and freedom was restored. Does the goal of freeing these people and cleaning up the unjust look like the before picture or the after picture? Again I leave it up to you to decide. If confused there are thousands of otherss to choose from in a myriad of different countries.

Honestly if after viewing it you still choose the before after version I don’t know how you can’t hang your head in shame. Don’t worry just keep waving those flags. You continue believing this next dog and pony show is going to fix things come next November. No matter which way you decide to view the above picture before after or after before I’m sure we can all agree on at least one thing. PAYBACK IS A BITCH! Until next time.

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