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Brzezinski Didn’t Jump Ship, He merely adjusted its Course

He Merely adjusted its course.

He Merely adjusted its course.

There’s been a lot of media hype in regards to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s recently released article Toward a Global Realignment. Of course when I say media hype, I’m referring to alternative media. By now most people reading my posts have way past figured out news is not found on any MSM broadcasts. I want to bring to your attention why I feel Brzezinski didn’t jump ship and in reality merely altered its course, a course that still has the same final destination.

Relax nothing has changed. Until the violence breaks out and in full force nothings gonna change. That's just the way it works. The ship is still heading towards it's determined harbor and eventually its new birth.

Relax nothing has changed. Until the violence breaks out and in full force nothings gonna change. That’s just the way it works. The ship is still heading towards it’s determined harbor and eventually its new birth.

Several times in prior posts on www.drescapes.com I’ve covered an underlying fact that seems for the most part to have gone unnoticed. It’s been taken as gospel amongst a high percentage of bloggers that the elite’s plan was the desire that the US was slated as the head of some sort of global hegemony. It was not.

The original desire was for a one world government and a one world currency. The head fake was drawing so much attention towards it being the US who would be its leader. In fact what actually surprised me the most is that so many in the alternative media fell for it. They viewed his admission as a victory for the betterment of the free world while at the same instance being a defeat for the empire-building psychopaths.

WRONG there’s no defeat here. Rather just a predetermined course correction steering clear of a dangerous reef that lies dead ahead. What I believe to be the case here is nothing more than an introduction. Brzezinski’s releasing of his latest article Toward a Global Realignment is little more than a timed introduction. I use the term timed for one reason. This article has been released three and a half months before the election.

For some what was rather obvious quite some time ago has finally spread to the masses. What’s becoming apparent to the world is the fact that the US can no longer keep the world in check. Consider it from this angle. In spite of the MSM’s best attempts at portraying Vladimir Putin as some sort of war mongering government hacking psychopath, one cannot dispute the surge of western support ascertained by the Russian elect Putin. Support for Putin seems to be building from several areas even one that’s been dubbed the latest craze.

We Didn’t Start The Movement (American Renaissance 2016)

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Since 2015 the Alt-Right movement has grown exponentially and is supporting more of a peaceful blending of power. Rather than continuing with the pre-sold US hegemony routine of the Obama administration which is mirrored by Hillary’s campaign, the Alt-Right movement has taken an alternate view. A view of we no longer can be the world’s police and wondering if the US ever was. Things have splintered into to many directions and world policing is no longer possible as it was a few decades ago.

This type of view somewhat backs what Dmitry Orlov mentioned during our interview a couple of weeks ago. Dmitry mentioned the US once sold stability, stability by way of its Military and by way of its currency. Now what the US sells is instability. Perhaps that’s why he referred to both terrorism and the US military as jobs programs.

No matter how one looks at it there’s two things that stand true. One is that Putin has gained a lot of popularity around the world and two there’s little doubt that terrorism is a self-inflicted wound. The kind of wound that never stops bleeding. It will continue to bleed as much as it can until such a time when its tax paying base runs dry. Eventually the tax base will run out of band aid dollars. The same dollars currently being used in attempting to cauterize a wound that cannot clot.

It’s been the same story since WW2. Ask yourself post WW2 what has the US military been engaged in and secondly what have they won. Re-ask the same question post 9-11 if you want a clear-cut set of examples of what is meant when Orlov mentions “now the US sells instability.”

Quoting Brzezinski from his latest release “Five basic verities regarding the emerging redistribution of global political power and the violent political awakening in the Middle East are signaling the coming of a new global realignment.” “The first of these verities is that the United States is still the world’s politically, economically, and militarily most powerful entity but, given complex geopolitical shifts in regional balances, it is no longer the globally imperial power.”

This came as no big surprise as it’s been the case for far too long now. Apparently to a whole group of others it was. Judging by the numbers who swallowed this hook line and sinker as some sort of victory, I’d say for them it was a plan altering event. A simple predetermined change of course automatically got misunderstood as failure of an entire plan. A plan that goes back hundreds of years.

It’s only my own opinion when I disagree with Brzezinski on a few points from the above quote. I no longer still feel the US is the most powerful military and if China hasn’t already replaced the US as the largest economy it will very soon. Change is the only constant we have.

But if you still think for a moment this wasn’t a predetermined course recalibration read more about Zbigniew Brzezinski. After reading the link about Brzezinski’s early years, his rising in influence, government involvement and positions held within, after power, present day and his personal life you tell me if this sounds like a man who quits before the intended destination has been reached.

I would also encourage you to read Brzezinski The Man Behind Obama’s Foreign Policy. Then ask yourself the same question. Does this sound like a man who quits before the intended destination has been reached?

Add to the soup mix the fact that France wants to ease sanctions against Russia. Several others have motioned for a closer look towards easing as well. The rise of the east continues to grow as the momentum for it continues to grow. The recent Brexit is yet another example of the changing tides that I’m confident were well understood before they were put into place and well before we the masses ever caught wind of it.

The merging ties between Russia and China should also come as no surprise to anyone. The geography between these nations alone would secure a strong base for trade. Not to mention Silk Roads or the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which initially commenced in October 2015 with 21 countries. Question, do you not think a man like Brzezinski, a man with countless connections from the inside on the ground floor would not have known about all of these events and well in advance of them commencing? I do but let’s continue on.

We now have the BRICS nations which China and Russia are both a part of. Early next month China joins in the SDR basket of currencies. Both countries are expected to release their own versions of SWIFT in the near future. I understand domestically Russia is currently already testing theirs. All in a changing world but let’s not forget who still has the handle on just about all of it? Of course it’s the IMF and who holds power over the IMF but Washington. Like they say there’s nothing new under the sun.

There are those few elite who tend to hold positions of power and authority. A club so to speak and one in which we the masses are not part of. There seemed to be a need to alter the direction that the US was taking. That’s all there is to it. It would be useful to understand when you own all the roads all of the shipping lanes and all the terminuses, a slight shift in direction still leads you to your desired destination. In this case that destination still remains the same. The destination I’m referring to is control, total control. For those who are interested I’ll provide a few good links below. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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  • Gary Sep 5, 2016, 10:16 pm

    Hi Barry,
    One other point. In no uncertain terms has this movement of power to the east been some sort of Macchiavelian plan hatched many decades ago. I don’t buy this at all! Brzezinski wrote a long essay and books on how the west can dominate Eurasia in the late 1990’s. He and his cohorts created color revolutions in the 2000’s in Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, etc. in order to create chaos and enemies on Russia’s borders along with fomenting a civil war in Syria to defeat the axis of resistance nations (Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) and encourage Islamic terrorism in Russia itself. The fact that the coup in Ukraine is failing to isolate Russia, the fact that the axis of resistance is beating the US supported ISIS in Syria, the fact that Turkey is moving into the Eurasian sphere of influence, the fact that western Europe is itself weakened, stagnating and itching to renew business with Russia, the fact that Russia is militarily stronger than Nato, and the final fact that instead of defeating and weakening Russia it’s the west that is going under has caused Brzezinski and his ilk to scramble to find a way to stay relevant and to try to coax the Russia-China powers into some sort of manipulated control. It will never work. Brzezinski’s plans have been defeated and all he can do is try to play catch up with the world as it leaves the west behind. So Barry instead of the metaphor of Brzezinski correcting the ship as it heads for the iceberg, I like the metaphor of Brzezinski holding sand in his hands and seeing it slip through his fingers.

  • Gary Sep 5, 2016, 8:19 pm

    Hi Barry,
    I read both articles and I agree with them. There are two main forces in the US ruling elite, the realists and the ideologists. This see-saw battle between them has been going on at least since the Nixon-Detente days. Both forces hate Russia but have tactical and short term differences. Kissinger, who is quite sinister, is a proponent of realism and balance of power and Brzezinski is of the ideological and since the 1970’s the neoconservative type. Brzezinski has been the arch villain against Russia and has been a real vile opponent of that country. He has been the leading ideologue and intellectual in formulating plans to both isolate and weaken Russia to the betterment of the Anglo-American empire. The fact that he is admitting that his previous plans to defeat Russia have failed is really in my mind earth-shattering. Although I agree with you that he hasn’t thrown in the towel, his strategy has been defeated and this is the importance of what he is admitting. Of course being a consummate supporter of empire to his dying days he will try to rectify the situation and weasel his slimy ways to still defeat Russia, he will not succeed.

    The IMF is not the powerful institution that it was in the past and is a shell of itself. In fact I believe China has more clout in it than the US. China is just using the IMF as a temporary measure. This is why Chinese Yuan are going to be added to the basket of currencies. This really shows where the balance of power is heading. The AIIB, which is a bank started in China, will replace the IMF sooner rather than later. In a nutshell Russia and China are interested in business and trade with all while the US and Nato are interested in chaos and control. I completely disagree that the IMF and the New World Order have changed direction and are throwing over the boat the US and now switching to Russia and China as the instruments to control. There are those in the alternative media that are propagating this. This makes no sense at all. Russia and China don’t need anyone to tell them what to do, especially the IMF or the City of London. The financial centers in the west will have to be part of the new multipolar world led by the BRICS if they want to have relevancy in the world. They will have to change (forget about their controlling and dominating ways) or become bankrupt. Brzezinski may just reflect this reality, nothing more.

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