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The Potential High Cost of Poor Foreign Policy

The net result of all or nothing foreign policy. Credit: Vasily Vereshchagin

The net result of all or nothing foreign policy.
Credit: Vasily Vereshchagin

I suppose it’s been over two weeks since anyone’s last heard from me. When there’s several back to back groups paying us a visit that’s just how it goes. I suppose it’s the reason why I won’t commit to a regular schedule of postings, I can’t. As they say time waits for no one and it won’t wait for me.

Originally when I started this post my intensions were to go back a couple of weeks and recap some recent occurrences.  Kind of pigeon hole the past one or two weeks and see what stood out, what might be termed as key events. Then it dawned on me and this is just my own thoughts but when you mention the term “key Event” a warning buzzer should be sounding inside of your head. A bit more thought led me back to what I’ve known for several years now. There’s no bell that should sound louder than the one set off by hearing these two words Foreign Policy!

What worked in the past will not suffice for the future. No flexibility you lose. Other nations are gaining strength and forming strong alliances. There's a major intersection that lies ahead and you best not miss turning in the right direction. The wrong direction leads to a DEAD END!

What worked in the past will not suffice for the future. No flexibility you lose. Other nations are gaining strength and forming strong alliances. There’s a major intersection that lies ahead and you best not miss turning in the right direction. The wrong direction leads to a DEAD END!

It’s two to one odds if you’re reading this post you’re already well aware of the fact that the current state of the nation’s foreign policy is the single most important “Key Event” we need to be facing, and facing it right now! Nothing matters if you’re dead. If you’re dead you’re just a corpse and all of your  petty little differences no longer matter.

So often we use history as an example of “being a good teacher” and there’s a horde of information out there backing this up. One fact is history speaks truth and what follows might reinsure what western nations seemed to have forgotten over the past few decades. When you are the debtor it’s never a good idea to piss off the creditor. Expand that and add the word nation. When you are the debtor nation it’s never a good idea to piss off the creditor nation.

This simple statement only makes common sense right? I would also imagine anyone reading this post would agree that’s exactly what’s being done. China is most definitely the creditor nation WHY because they buy US debt. It’s my humble opinion that pissing off your so called landlord is not the brightest of ideas.

Understand the following then accept its genuineness. We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. This next sentence is for all who still refuse to accept the current shift of wealth is traveling from west to east. The union between China and Russia is not going anywhere PERIOD! At a minimum over the next few decades this relationship is slated to escalate to what will easily be the largest GDP the world has ever encountered.

The west along with its foreign policy would be much better off working together with this reality… with this paradigm shift.  There is no other logical answer unless you call losing a self-ignited war logical. The west failed to stop the Brexit as its hands were tied. The hollow arrogance that Obama demonstrated when he mentioned “Britain will have to go to the back of the que” validates what I’m saying.

Less than one week after the Brexit vote passed and already orators on behalf of Obama were back peddling with apologies which in time escalated to outright denying that Obama ever said it. Yes I’ll agree Obama’s hands were tied but when it comes to altering what is inevitable in reality all hands are tied.

You can’t stop change when change is logical. Toxic foreign policies, western nations maintaining their chosen path of polarizing, NATO placed on Russian borders innumerable other examples of poor foreign policies may well initiate what many seem to fear most. Global war!

The chosen path that western nations currently find themselves on, will one day be viewed as one of the nation’s most regrettable decisions.  By western nations choosing the path of polarizing a path that ultimately led to little more than inflicting self-injury at some point will be viewed as an important intersection… an intersection in which a wrong turn was made. Western nations will then realize by not becoming an active part of this inevitable shift they got left behind. As I mentioned earlier time waits for no one.

I just briefly want to mention a few reasons why I say this shift is inevitable. First is geography. It would be similar to the US not trading with Canada or Mexico and that’s never going to happen as they are neighboring nations. Last month China joined the SDR basket of currencies. Russia and China will soon to be releasing their own versions of SWIFT. No more having to use US banks as intermediator so they won’t collect on the exchange and service fees. Currency to currency the way it should be.

The Silk Roads already in place and at the time of this post. Second they already have plans in place and have begun another major link with the construction of a suspension bridge across the Amur River, which will connect the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk with China’s Heihe. This construction has already begun. When done it will allow connecting the nations in minutes from what used to take days! The Chinese region will invest about $120 million in the project. Lastly I urge you not to discard my previous comments relating to potable water as it’s the strongest part of the glue. China needs it and Russia has it. Think it over and you’ll realize this bond is unstoppable. A war started on false pretenses will only serve to hurt the originator and that’s the US. It’s pointless polarizing with natural progression. The one thing that’s constant is change.

You can’t continue to interfere with logical progression of bordering nations. By maintaining the current all or nothing attitude all you’ll be doing is squeezing yourself out of merging into future profits. The real underlying question is do you want to get paid in the future by being part of it or would you rather be left out? Those are your  options.

When time permits I’ll write a second post providing some examples of what poor foreign policies may be responsible for over in Russia. For now I’ll just limit it by saying “You Don’t Want to Go There” You really don’t want to go there!

In concluding if you think the daily killings, the random shootings or the violence that’s occurring in public places are on the uptick and you don’t like it. What appears to be twice a week bombings or attempted bombings and you’re getting tired of it. If you feel your nations losing it I have a solution for you. Get used to it or get out of the game. The game changed a long time ago but one rule does remain intact. He who owns the gold makes the rules. You’ve been watching who’s been stacking the gold these past few years haven’t you?

Whatever poison you’re currently tuning into is irrelevant. Demoralization the down turn of your home nation, ISIS, terrorism, corruption, violence they all share one thing in common. I’m assuring you the western nation’s poor foreign policies are in a big part to blame and by far are the single greatest threat we are all currently facing. Until next time.

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