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Trump Dumps Iran Deal The Neocons Are Still Running The Show

The Law of Freedom. Another way of stating this Law would be to say that the presents of TRUTH and MORALITY in the lives of the people of any given society is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the presents of TYRANNY and SLAVERY in that society.

Our greatest enemy may not be ignorance but rather the illusion of knowledge. Just when you think it can’t get any more obvious. Never under estimate the ignorance of Government. Case in point, Trump Dumps the Iran deal!

Several months prior to the Presidential election while most bought and paid for puppet Medias were busy bashing Donald Trump (not that I favor either candidate) I made this simple comment. I said “if Donald Trump wins it was because he was supposed to win. I’m not really interested in what the media is saying WHY because the Neocons are still running the show”.

Quoting the late great Frank Sinatra “USE YOUR MENTALITY” A major reason behind this latest Neocon fiasco lies within the contents of this ship. The Neocons are still running the show!

I expanded that previous statement by adding “if elected within 90 days will have a near 180 degree shift on most of his major campaign promises”. I finished that statement by saying yet again “because the Neocons are still running the show”.

With this latest Neocon driven fiasco, dropping the Iran deal if there’s still any doubt as to who’s running the West it’s getting to a point where you really need to seek out some help. Something has radically affected the portion of your brain responsible for comprehending higher levels of thought. The neocortex is no longer functioning correctly. You are no longer capable of comprehending higher levels of thought.

Living outside the West’s border for such a long time permitted me to view the box from the outside in. What I’ll be saying is not my opinion it’s truth. The citizenry of America whether knowingly or not are painting themselves into a corner. Currently most other nations view America as a nation that can no longer be trusted. One by one allies of the West are questioning are we next? After what’s just transpired I’m confident the coconut telegraphs connecting the nations are running hot tonight!

I want to emphasize how big a deal this really is. What a huge mistake it was at the final moment pulling out of this already agreed upon deal. What kind of message does this send to Russia, China, Britain, Germany and France perhaps most of all what does it say to Iran? Think about that for a moment. The credibility of America is rapidly eroding. No longer is this limited to international viewpoints. The cancer has spread domestically.

But once again the challenged can rest comfortably. Rarely do the effects of such poor choices show themselves overnight. However I feel years down the road this will be viewed upon as a major pivotal point towards the shift in power from the West to the East. The shift I’m referring about is already well underway and any open-minded person with a normal functioning balanced brain already knows this. If anyone still believes this is about terrorism or the nation’s security please seek immediate assistance by a competent neurologist. Do this ASAP! You’re a danger to everyone’s well-being.

What you’re witnessing is what occurs when a once great nation faces its last dying years of dominating power. If you want a few examples I’d suggest Greece, Rome and ancient China. Do a bit of research and you’ll see all of them in an attempt to hang onto power in their final few years acted in the same manner. All of them lost the trust of their allies. Seeing any resemblance here? The foreseeable future is exiting the abyss. I don’t claim to know exactly when and I cannot predict the time line, no one can however all but the densest understands the shift’s already begun years prior.


Nine years of talks down the drain, but is it a bad deal? For weapon manufactures and those running the largest jobs program in the world the MIC, YES! Had it passed would certainly  have questioned the need to waste so much of the nations budget on warring.

Face reality America needs enemies. The bulk of it’s GDP depends on it. Without enemies the unstoppable change not only of power but of world economy will only arrive sooner. Again this is another example of what a dying power does. Some prefer to call this kicking the can down the road.

The ludicrous dog and pony productions like Russia Gate, terrorism and tales of nations possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction no longer satiate the minds of the people. That is the people still possessing a proper functioning neocortex. Something’s got to give and and if history’s any indicator it will, it always does. The world’s shifting as it naturally follows the balance of power.

Sometime in the not too distant future the global balance of power will appear radically different than it does today. Unquestionably America will retain some of its former power however at best this preservation won’t amount to a fraction of its prior dominance. The playing field is about to be leveled.

The free will we all possess allows us to make poor choices. It’s the negative and often dangerous effect of making poor choices that should have the level minded worried. You see we all have free will but avoiding the consequences, the effects of making poor choices … well that’s where our free will runs right into a brick wall. Possessing free will does not make you immune from suffering the effects of poor choices. How many more have to die before we as a species understand this Natural Law? Until next time.

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  • Gary May 16, 2018, 1:38 am

    Barry, off roading with you is definitely on my agenda when we visit you next if you can make the time. By the way as an addendum to what I said above, the idiotic policy of Trump of not only unilaterally breaking with the Iran treaty but moving the US embassy to Jerusalem (Oy Vey!) has put the nail in the coffin for the US to have any ability in the middle east to be a power broker. By Trump’s fawning over Israel he has zilch leverage over it and of course because of his hostility to Iran he has zilch leverage with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Contrast that with Putin who has great relations with everyone including enemies such as Israel and Iran. Did you see Netanyahu in Moscow as a guest of Putin during the Victory Day. That’s unheard of! At the same time Putin has an alliance with Iran. Guess which country now is a kingmaker in the middle east. Good going Neocons!

    I feel it in my bones that the next flash point is going to be southern Syria and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Time is not on Israeli’s side and that’s why Netanyahu is making his pilgrimage to Moscow. The Syrians have been fighting a horrendous war with jihadis and have won it. Iran and Hezbollah have also been allies of Syria in this grueling war. You now have battle hardened Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians and Hezbollah with hundreds of missiles pointed at Israel who have absolutely no fear of Israel, none. When the oppressed and victims lose the fear of their overseer then it’s all over. Thanks to massacres of tens of Palestinians in Gaza today and thanks to the genius Trump in moving the embassy to Jerusalem you may just have Intifada #3 take place soon at the same time the above allies reclaim the land from the remaining jihadis in the south of Syria and possibly take military action to reclaim the Golan Heights. Yu don’t think Putin now has tremendous leverage over Bibi.

    • Barry May 17, 2018, 8:03 am

      In my next post I too make a statement perhaps Putin understands history better than most thought. Interesting times you know.

  • Gary May 14, 2018, 1:42 am

    Hi Barry, great commentary. I agree almost 100% what you are saying. Whether Trump meant what he said during the campaign regarding better relations with Russia and getting out of wars in the middle east and couldn’t do these things or he was just an ordinary presidential campaign liar all along in the end doesn’t really matter. Trump is a captured servant of the deep state/neocons. The deep state is dominated by the neocons and will forever be until this system collapses like the Roman Empire. It shows you the demented mentality and stupidity of the ruling elite that they would let a bunch of short sided, arrogant, vengeful and reckless bunch of ideologues run foreign policy. A ruling class in the up swing would never let these type of characters run their ship of state but only one at the nadir of their power. The domination of the Neocons really do show the inevitable end of this empire. The ruling class has really lost its sense of reality. The system can never be reformed through the election process or otherwise and the system itself is completely unreformable. There will be plenty of pissed off people who believed that Trump at least represented something different. The good news is that Trump, independent of being a sleazebag, brought a much higher consciousness to the masses in his campaign speeches. His followers added to Bernie Sanders’ will bring the percentage of people having a higher consciousness pass a certain threshold. If that is 10% then it would be a milestone. The more the better. Hopefully this percentage whatever it is won’t be lowered with the upcoming heavily propagandized blitzkrieg of war making actions and words directed at Iran.

    This unilateral withdrawal of the US from the Iran deal really verifies in spades what the Russians have said many times in the recent past: agreement incapable. What country in their right mind now (North Korea for example) would sign any agreement with the treacherous US. It’s really unbelievable. However if you look at US history the United States constantly broke agreements with the American Indians and betrayed them. Bush Jr. abrogated the ABM treaty in 2002. But this one really beats the cake. Barry the only thing I disagree with is the surety of the EU rebelling against this action by the US. I won’t hold my breath because Europe has always shown to be a vassal of the US and when the US has said “jump” Europe would answer “how high”. But maybe just maybe this time Europe, especially Germany, will finally have backbone and say enough is enough and say “we’re still with the treaty and by the way we are going to do full trade with Iran so Uncle Sam stick it up your ass!”

    I’m in the hope for the best, prepare for the worst mentality. We’ll see.

    • Barry May 14, 2018, 7:25 pm

      Gary Awesome perspective and I thank you for sharing it. Gary the EU is beginning to show signs of being hung out to dry the the US. Perhaps they realize that conflict AGAIN will take part in their nation and maybe just maybe they understand what a mistake it was during WW2 and don’t want a repeat. Maybe I hope but have my doubts. Looks like it might be the US and Israel against the rest of the world if they keep loosing allies. As far as I see it I have to agree with Paul Roberts. Please read his recent article where’s the shame. I believe a man on your level of understanding will appreciate it. Just returned from a four day 1000 KM trip with much of it off road. I know you’ll enjoy the videos. Banged around and tired but wanted to answer such a wise comment. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards to everyone out your way from us both.

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