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Horse Riding Club on Labor Day Weekend

Well it’s Labor Day long weekend in the Dominican Republic. A happy Dominican Labor Day goes out to everyone who’s watching. I headed out to Loma Alta and thought I’d check out what’s happening in the developments. On my way out I ran into dozens of folks on horseback. These were fine horses well trained and as equally well groomed. Funny thing though I didn’t know any of these folks, none. I sure don’t know everyone in the local farm areas surrounding Cabrera, but I do spend loads of time out there and not to know anyone that for sure is not the norm.

Asking a few questions I found out predominantly they hailed from the Capitol. There with a riding club and they get together every so often. I asked so why Cabrera? Most answered we really only recently heard about how beautiful it is and wanted to set up an outing for the day and to check it out for ourselves. Many ended up staying overnight though as it’s easy to find places to keep a horse for a day or two. Really nice folks and what I like about it is they’re local folks. I love a well-balanced community. I remember just a few short years ago whenever Liane and I were in the Capitol or Santiago when ever asked for our address often we would hear where is Cabrera or don’t you mean Loma de Cabrera? Well not anymore. Cabrera is getting a reputation as a great place to visit but we all know it’s even a better place to live. This is my kind of gridlock. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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