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This Needs To Grow Legs!

I believe this time it may not go away. The corruption is out in the open. But as always it’s up to We The People

Most reading my blogs or know me personally recognize I’m not big on anything political. Whenever I see heated debates developing it’s time to mosey on up to the bar and muster that all too familiar call “Bartender I’ll have another.” Government never has the people’s best interests in mind and never will. It’s political suicide to do so. If ever the exception comes to be the elect it often changes and becomes personal suicide. The elected know this. A successful politician is one who can climb over the dead bodies the fastest.

The DOJ. The department of JUST US. Like Carlin said it’s a club and we’re not in it.

Rarely will you find me including political scandals in my blogging however because of the possible catastrophic outcome caused by this toxic mix of corrupted psychopaths force feeding an ignorant citizenry I’m making this exception. The possible escalation of a confrontation with an INNOCENT superpower like Russia would have been nothing short Armageddon.

Just as a side bar I remember an interview actually one of several done with famed author and survivalist James Westley Rawles when as a parting question I asked the following. I purposely left this as my last question “In the end after all the damage has already been done when the truth finally comes out that all of this was preventable, when your children or your grandchildren assuming they were lucky enough to survive, when they turn to you and ask you how could you have ever allowed this to happen, what will you say to them?”

Rawles was speechless for a moment and had to gather himself he couldn’t muster up an immediate response. So I guess it’s fair to ask you all the same question. Assuming they’re still alive what will you say to them? I don’t think “I did it because I love you” will cut it this time.

People we had better start dropping our petty differences or sooner than you think this this is going to end badly. For the life of me and specifically for those with children and grandchildren I can’t understand what’s so difficult to grasp about this. Remember even if you win a war you still celebrate by mourning. Over past decades the West has been doing this to several nations, and still is. For everyone’s sake wake up!

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This newly released information needs to grow as many legs as possible. Spread it to everyone you know and care about just don’t use it as some sort of an “I told you so.” All sides need to come together and start realizing almost all of our deepest held beliefs are little more than a top down game of divide and conquer. I’ve included an additional link by prominent blogger Paul Craig Roberts below and left the original interview done by The Daily Caller in the post. Until next time.

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