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Dulce Vida Restaurant

A fair while ago I did a YouTube featuring the Dulce Vida restaurant. During that time the food was superb. As with most businesses (mine included) things tend to go along smoothly for a while and so you just coast along and do little in the way of improving things. After all why change what’s working right? But the one thing that’s constant in life is change. Rolando was clear to mention this point during our off camera time and I as a person whose owned several business can easily acquiesce. I’ve been there several times before. Undetected at least for a while over time things seem to slip until one day you seem to wake up from your personal slumber and the WTF moment slaps you right in the face. Things weren’t what you thought they were. While the ambiance and friendly service maintained the quality of the food diminished. It was time to take action.

Rolando being the business minded person that he is began to take notice. He thought about the whole picture, what’s involved, what is it going to take, what needs to be done in order to convert this business and make it as successful as his others. As we all have at one time or another pondered the almighty question. Is it what I really want to be doing and if so is it worth the efforts involved?

The answer’s obvious for anyone who’s been there within the past half year. The restaurant’s never been better and I’m including the past time when it was in its previous prime. Rolando is a business man period. He first assesses then addresses and soon as he arrived with his answer, promptly took the necessary action. If you haven’t been there in a while you owe it to yourself to stop in and enjoy. Since these improvements my clients unanimously vote it one of the best places they’ve ever eaten at period. It’s a place I’m happy to frequent. I know they’re not going to be dissatisfied. The selection, the service and the price makes it one place you’re sure not to soon forget. Thanks for the effort Rolando!

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