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The Russiagate Scandal Finally Blows Up!

Hopefully this will finally be laid to rest and the guilty will be punished accordingly. In the interim America can continue on with it’s next fictitious enemy, North Korea! What is it about a jobs program that people have so much trouble understanding.

Many of you who take the time to read my posts already know I’ve said countless times that the most dangerous weapon any nation has is an ignorant citizenry. At this point anyone residing in the West and still has the slightest inkling that they’re living in a free democratic society is simply choosing to be ignorant.

Well it’s about time that this farce of a scandal called Russiagate has blown up and splattered its excrement all over the faces of the FBI, the DOJ and the old dishrag herself Hillary Clinton. But it didn’t start there. The only sad point to this news bomb is the fact that it was CNN bringing it to the public’s attention.

Yet again the blood would have been on the hands of the American people. I suppose you should consider yourselves lucky, this time much of the blood would have been your own. First created by corrupt officials then endorsed by the brain washed ignorant citizenry of the West.

For over eight years running all throughout the two terms of the Obama administration the mixing of the minds of many has yielded one heck of a toxic recipe. A toxic concoction that potentially even rivals the poisonous vaccines the bought and paid for Big Pharma’s are attempting to make mandatory. Let me sum it up in an easy to understand point to point illustration. This could have easily escalated into something catastrophic, and it nearly did. Currently if you call yourself lucky enough to be living in the West you’ve become a victim of the following:

  1. You’re being fed crap through the MSM media’s.
  2. You and your children are being injected with crap. Crap forced upon you by the controlled hand of Big Pharma.
  3. For the most part you’re eating crap. This is provided to you by the companies who need to make you sick in order for you to stay stuck in the bought and paid for medical system. Real tuna’s not caught in cans and real corn does not come in a brightly colored box with a cartoon rooster on it.
  4. The insurance companies are happy to play a part of this (pardon the pun) sick sinister plan. K.T.M.C. Keep The Meds Coming.
  5. Everywhere you look there’s nothing but corruption, the waste runs deep and like it or not those living in the West find themselves waist deep in it. It’s unavoidable.
  6. To a large effect you’ve been kept ignorant about, well just about everything. Left unchallenged Russiagate could have easily ignited one of the most severe losses of human life in the planet’s history. So now the focus shifts to North Korea. REALLY PEOPLE?????

Fox News Alert


Your elected leaders have fed, forced and injected you and your children with crap. Isn’t it about time the surrounding area began to smell a bit strange? For the life of me I still can’t comprehend why we’re paying them such high salaries for lying cheating and yes even killing us. The recipe of the West has baked quite a dung cake. It’s a crap sandwich without the ketchup. But look at it from the lighter side. At least you’ll avoid the toxic corn syrup found in most of today’s ketchups.

So what can we do about it? My first and foremost answer has always been to band together. As naive as it sounds it would almost immediately put a stop to this madness. It would be similar to rats running off a sinking ship, but unfortunately history proves me wrong. Besides they already have us way too divided. These people know what they’re doing. Between politics, religion, race, sexual preference, nationality and the world of entertainment with all these obstructions to clarity I don’t see this happening anytime soon. By design we as a citizenry are too focused on belief. We believe and so we do not research. We’ve sold our intelligence and with the proceeds purchased knowledge and by maintaining a closed mind we’re paying a steep price for our ignorance.

Perhaps there’s another way. Here’s how I tend to view it. The open minded person understands that corruption is everywhere. These folks always leave their mind open to everything yet attached to nothing, they remain flexible to everything including change. They don’t simply believe they first research then gather the unbiased information and finally they form a hypothesis. These people need to know and are rarely satisfied with belief. The intelligent person has the ability to put the pieces together.

On the other side of the coin the person solely possessing knowledge does not. The knowledgeable understands facts and figures and can certainly regurgitate them on command or on a paper test to achieve a passing grade however they lack the ability to assemble facts and figures into a chronological order, a sequence of events. To do this one must possess intelligence.

The intelligent person doesn’t try to avoid what is unavoidable. The intelligent understands that corruption is everywhere and is certainly found in every country. The knowledgeable stay fixed, therefore they continue to be abused. The intelligent seek out a place then relocate to where the corruption remains affordable. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose Cabrera. I live in a place where the weather and scenery suits my lifestyle and the corruption remains affordable. The person who trades Dollars for Pesos more often than not will win that battle. Until next time.

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