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Is Your Life Linked To An Electronic Devise

Technology in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, It’s when anything becomes out of balance is when it becomes a bad thing. Balance is everything when it comes to living a full life.

After a three and a half week run of visitors it’s nice to be back in the saddle once again. One of the many things I like about what I do is when I’m tired I get to hang up the “Gone Fishing” sign and I get to do this almost whenever I choose to. Shame most folks can’t see the occult (knowledge of the hidden) differences between trading time and leveraging time. It’s a sad truth but truth often is.

Perhaps that’s why so many fall victim to a mixture of toxic vices and false beliefs. People will grasp at anything to help them cope with the mediocrity that’s become their world. For many life’s has been reduced to little more than wake up go to work (or the flat screen) eat and sleep. Some try to squeeze in a bit of forced family time when they feel guilty but other than that it’s a wash rinse repeat life style. A sad reality but reality and truth are often close cousins.

When we try to satiate spiritual cravings with material things it becomes similar to eating Chinese food. A couple of hours later and your hungry again.

In fact mediocrity to a large extent represents the actuality of most people’s world. The greater percentages of those living in developed nations have their lives ruled by technology. Upon rising each morning these people greet their cell phone before even greeting themselves. Reality has been reduced to little more than living life through an electronic devise. It’s a sad truth but as I previously mentioned truth often is.

For an ever increasing percentage life’s been abridged into observing the latest cryptos, being pasted to the daily stock activities or sitting in front of the flat screen and just plain vegetating. Yet again the masses have become confused. Good decent folks have once again chosen a path that comes to an abrupt end. Currently the multitudes stand bewildered trying to satiate spiritual hungers with physical possessions. You can’t locate happiness on a map any more than you can hug contentment. Is it any wonder why these unanswered cravings so often lead to more severe vises even one time mistakes? Opiate and alcohol abuse broken relationships separated families even suicide does any of this come as a revelation?

Steve Cutts: The Sad Reality of Our World


Listen to me there’s no elected avatar coming to save the world. The universe doesn’t work that way. At least this one doesn’t. Stop setting yourself up for failure, because if you don’t I can assure you one thing is certain. You’ll never be surprised by the results you achieve. BECOME YOUR OWN AVATAR!

Your true worth is not measured by social media. A thumb’s up or down shouldn’t make or break your day. You’ll never be lonely if you like the one your with. Start liking yourself more! Put less value on what others think. Relearn how to greet your spouse, your pet or if you have to yourself before saying good morning to your I-Phone. If you can learn to do this over time chaos will convert into contentment. No longer will you require anybody else to be your toll booth between you and the above. Only at that point can you truly be free. Anything less is simply a mirage. Until next time.

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