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Interview with Military Veteran David – Part 2

Anyone who’s ever wrestled with major change knows it can be a tough encounter. At least it has been for me. I was raised in a family environment where strict rules applied specifically in the areas of what you’re taught to believe and not believe. I understand the challenges involved when bucking the traditional. I’ve also grown to understand addictions come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

Whenever simple belief no longer satiates a narrow mind it will be challenging, it will be a tough intersection to navigate through. At a young age and as a person who’s always had trouble accepting belief I can certainly understand what Dave’s going through.

Humbly stating belief and truth are two different attributes. I have trouble accepting belief, I have to know! As a person willing to do the research that’s eager to take an open minded peek under every rock, prepared to travel down any path the factual information leads to I can say this much. What waits on the other side of belief is truth.

The factual Garden of Eden awaits those tough enough to face the challenge. As the late Carl Jung once said “better to face a hard truth than a reassuring lie” Join Dave as he takes a few minutes to discusses the personal challenges he’s facing in his never ending journey of replacing belief with truth. Same holds true anywhere you travel anywhere you relocate, even to Cabrera. Life is a journey not a destination. At least it should be. Enjoy!  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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