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Interview with Military Veteran David – Part 1

I would like to take a moment and introduce you to our latest visitor Dave. Dave recently came down and paid the DR Escapes team a visit, which I don’t think he’ll soon forget. Dave’s a colorful personality who has recently discovered there’s more to life than the big trucks, the large home and owning all the toys. I got a huge laugh when he said “Barry you can only eat so many two pound T-bones.” Seems Dave had all the makings to living the American dream. At least he thought so. Then came the question as he put it “and now what.”

Later on he discovered that living in the “Matrix” isn’t what he originally thought it would be. Dave mentioned several times “There’s other options.” He has the cars, the house, the big yard and he owns all the so called things most think they need to find happiness. All I did was pullout a map and said show me where happiness is. He looked puzzled. I pointed towards the map again and said where’s happiness? I continued by saying perhaps you’re trying to find happiness as a physical thing, it isn’t. He got my point. This was a visit I think he’ll long remember.

Being in the military has made Dave a seasoned traveler, but after meeting him I found out that the traveling jones continued into his personal life. After checking out several destinations Dave found himself leaning towards Brazil as the final harbor for not only him but his young son as well. After first narrowing it down he made several return trips and it’s because of this that he got to know the country fairly well. Like I always mention, I told him that no place is perfect including the DR but after a visit to our peaceful region it seems that something shifted geographically. Join me in what will be a two part interview with one of the most colorful personalities I’ve met to date.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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