Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

I was enjoying a laid back kind of day so I thought I’d crank up Yota and take a ride over to meet my friend Alduino. Whenever I’m in the area of Rio San Juan I usually take the time to have a drink or two, sit back and chat while enjoying a fine cigar. [...]

Over the next while I have several visitors arriving on tour so I might not have much free time to blog. But I wanted to briefly retouch on a subject I’ve mentioned more times than I can remember. I want to revisit the importance of holding a 2nd passport. Apparently things are progressively changing in [...]

Something’s about to happen, so I want to break out of the chute on a crucial point you need to understand and understand hurriedly. But before I do, I want to travel back a bit especially for my long time readers. In excess of five years I’ve been blogging. Over that time span it’s always [...]

Over a time span that's nearing three decades, I’ve donated a fair amount of my time towards researching the trends. One of my most treasured lessons origonates from understanding that knowledge and wisdom are two different attributes.  Actually they are compleatly different attributes. What people believe by the millions would be labeled insanity if done [...]

Here we are January 21, 2017. I purposely wanted to wait till after the inauguration finalized before my next blog. So what happened? For almost six months we’ve all been fed more versions of the famed legend “Chicken Little” than I even knew existed. January 20th 2017 the inauguration took place. The traditional dog and [...]

A few months prior I mentioned that should Trump win the election there’s going to be a temporary cooling off period. Several bloggers have been using the term “trump honeymoon” to describe it. However the key word I want to draw to your attention is temporary. Just a few months later and already the sabres [...]

Every day I’m getting more suspicious of what is really going on behind the curtain. Anybody who’s been scanning the alternative medias has got to be getting a bit uneasy as to what’s being found on some of the most creditable sources. What’s going on with this new appointed cabinet? The open minded must be [...]

The new administration will be calling "all aboard" come Jan 20th. Prior to that date I’d like to address a few points worth considering. Assuming the inauguration takes place without any incident on Jan 20th the Trump train will officially take over the reins of power, navigating the nation into new directions. Hopefully their selected [...]

Recently while browsing the web I came across an excellent post written by Wolf Richter.  For me this post serves as an excellent example of why I say protectionism never has or ever will work for any extended period of time. Simply put protectionism never works. For those who are interested I'll link it below. [...]

I’ve long understood the importance of holding more than one passport. In fact its significance can be lifesaving. Furthermore I also understand the added security gained by having assets in more than one nation. What I still find puzzling though is why so few grasp the importance of both. I deem them both necessities. I [...]

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