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100% Proof Masks Don’t Protect You from COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

I’m done it’s time to move on. This will be my last post pertaining to whether one should or should not wear a mask. It’s no longer even questionable for the rational minded person and that’s any person who’s willing to invest their time skimming the alternative news, podcasts and blogs. Once done it won’t be long before it becomes evident of how we’ve been misled and the entire thing was a political/economic structured plan. From here going forward the only relevant question is. Can you unlearn?

If the answer is yes then you’ll be rewarded with surety instead of merely having belief. If the answer is no then that person will remain in fear and helplessness. The term is base consciousness, the individual will remain stuck in base consciousness and while in that state cannot comprehend anything else.  I’m saddened to know how well it’s actually working, but in the same token have mentioned time and time again about the four primordial fears and how we all come into the world bearing them. This is not something we learn it’s something we come into existence already knowing.

Those few that invest their time wisely learn this immutable law of our universe. They live in a world of surety and the peace that comes from knowing. It’s the same small group that is currently living free of fear regardless of the negative external forces surrounding us all. This is what evolves from doing your own unbiased research and why surety will always out do belief. Those who believe are scared and those possessing surety are not. Belief is just a nice way of saying I don’t know. If I don’t know I have to assume…  I have to believe.

Over the past couple of months many of the best informational blogs have been either shadow banned or outright eliminated from YouTube. We’ve recently been targeted and are now included by being shadow banned by YouTube. We look at it as sort of a badge of honor. We’ve recorded it all and who knows ten or fifteen years later I want to be able to show type one data (tangible) data to everyone on how we tried to prevent what transpired.

When that question eventually comes out of a grandchild’s mouth asking how could you! How could you have known about this and do nothing to help prevent it from taking place? We have no future, how did you allow this to happen to us? I’d like to see how many people reading this post would ever be able to answer it. Yes we wear the shadow banning as a badge of honor. Humanity’s honor not ours.

We encourage those who want to stay informed to subscribe to our BitChute channel where shadow banning isn’t an issue. Remember it’s not the strongest that survive it’s the most flexible to change that survive. The mightiest of whales is helpless in a desert. For everyone’s survival I encourage my readers to put aside whatever preconceived beliefs they have and open their mind. Anything more is trap and right now it’s a Charlotte’s web out there. Don’t get snared in it. Information overload is going to get a lot of folks. Because of starting this blog I now know thousands of them. It’s depressing every time I ponder the thought of what might be.

The small percentage of us and against all odds still doing their best to alert a sleeping public for the greater part have fallen on deaf ears. All one has to do is look around and see the indoctrinated fools in the masks. How many times have I said be leery of the ones still wearing the masks. This is one of the most successful campaigns of how to use an ignorant citizenry aiding in their own destruction and it will long be used as an example of being one of the cornerstones in the changing of what is being termed as the new normal.

I’ve always referred to April 30, 1993, as the day the world changed forever. On that date the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) put the web into the public domain. Simultaneously April 30, 1993 was one of humanities best days but since everything is a dichotomy was also one of its worst. Without question it’s a decision that has fundamentally altered the way humanity functions and did it in slightly over the past quarter-century. Very impressive!

At first it was amazing, imagine a world of information at your fingertips. It was an opportunity for all of humanity to step up to new horizons and we did. How wonderful it was to have uncensored easy to access accurate free information! It was so convenient that a few years later addiction set in. Pretty soon we all were hooked on this electronic wonder. Eventually most of us could no longer function without it and the same held true for our business and various livelihoods. We were all hooked! That’s when the restrictions began coming into play. Jump to the present and here we are 27 years later and totally controlled. All of us are at their mercy they control everything and have weaponized everything. Understand in the beginning if the Internet wasn’t a simple easy to use navigation tool with zero restrictions it never would have taken off. They had to first make us dependent on its everyday use we needed to become addicted. Once the world was dependent on its usage, is when they had us all. Soon after is when the restricting, the controlling of information and all the rest of the infringing of our privacy began occurring.

For those reading this post and find it difficult not to take pity on those who are suffering heed what follows. Take pity for them being ignorant don’t take pity for their losses. All our losses stem from our own ignorance. At least this way you’ll only have to feel sorry once and by doing so will be saving a lot of your valuable time. Remember time is a commodity you either invest it, spend it or save it wisely. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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Tony Robbins – Unmasking the Science you aren’t hearing on TV:  https://youtu.be/YgP_Au5RZVw

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