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The Effects of a Hoax Pandemic – Suicide Rates are at their highest.

I want to travel back in time and begin this post on December 15, 2019. That’s the day the virus was first announced from Wuhan. The WHO declared the outbreak a “public health concern” on January 30th and from there a pandemic on March 11 2020. That’s pretty quick for any kind of disease to spread but let’s just leave all that aside for now.

When I pulled the information back on June 28th, 2020 there had been a total of 194 days since they first announced the virus in Wuhan. Since that time there’s been a worldwide total death toll of 503,140 people. Divide that by the number of days and you have an average of 2,594 supposed deaths per day due to this virus. The key word is supposed.

The first noteworthy point to make is this. Anyone who’s done the least bit of research through alternative media already knows and by hard core type one data how massively the stats have been fudged to even reach the mild percentage it’s currently lying at. The percentages being received from the current pandemic is no worse than a strong flu season mirroring that of 2018. By all accounts this virus pales in comparison when compared to any of the great plagues humanity has faced throughout its history YET! Our elected officials shuttered the planet for over three and a half months transferring billions into financial ruin. Hello??????????

Remember the name of the site is Something Feels Wrong and we named it that because so often that’s exactly how the informed person feels. It’s the few of us out there who are informed that are not being hoodwinked by ideas with no science behind them.  Scare tactics like the seriousness of the pandemic or the benefit of wearing an ear loop facemask; it’s the informed person who’s doing their own investigating that recognize these hoaxes for what they really are. HOAXES!

The mass majority, fail to understand this simple but crucial to understand fact that fear shuts off rational thinking within the brain. Any person whose mind is controlled by fear will stay stuck in base consciousness. Higher thought is shut down. The fight or flight mentality takes preference.  Often poor decisions follow.

Fast forwarding to the present, now billions are beginning to realize what’s meant by: the cure being more deadly than the disease. Having studied similar encounters throughout history, apparently what so often follows financial devastation is suicide. Yes it’s a sad statement but nevertheless a true one. No one ever said truth was easy!

When wide spread chaos breaks out each and every one of us has a different comfort zone. Some panic at the slightest things while others aren’t startled too easily. Those who do not research and rely solely on main stream media for their news are so often the first one’s shuttering in fear. It has nothing to do with their education level or wealth status, once in fear the brain shuts off logic and replaces it with fear and panic.

Just so were clear, I want my readers to understand we’re already way past that point of ignorance leading to fear and fear so often leads to loss of hope. When the mind is already in a weakened state from fear and that person is not able to see any worthwhile future that frequently leads us to what’s presently unveiling in several parts of the world.

All over the planet the suicides are soaring at a rate not seen in many decades. This alarming increase in suicides holds true in both the private sector and within the militaries. So while most of the uninformed are hiding in their homes and wearing their face diapers, here’s some facts to bring up the next time someone thinks that it’s YOU who’s the fool for expressing your researched hypothesis verses their mainstream media understanding of the current happenings.

Suicide: we are averaging somewhere around 800,000 suicides per year. Dividing this by the number of days in a year and we’re averaging 2,191 per day. In the US military alone and since 1975 the average per day of active and inactive who commits suicide is 24!!!! I had to double check this to be sure. I was shocked! Nobody really seems to care much about that one but we’ve all heard someone say in a crowd room: thank you for your service, haven’t we?

Heart disease: annually there are about 17.9 Million deaths per year. Eighty percent of that comes from heart attack and the balance from stroke. On average there are 49,041 people who die from heart disease daily. While there’s so many more to choose from for example the 2018 Flu season runs parallel to this so called massive pandemic or a host of others, but in order to keep the post a reasonable length will limit to one final example. My final choice is starvation.

Starvation: Annually there are slightly over 9.1 Million people who die because of starving. That would make it an average of 25,000 people der day 356 day per year who currently dies on account of starving to death. One of the slowest and most painful ways one can become extinct and hardly a word of media coverage. Just take notice of the obesity issue in most nations and then relate that to the frequency of thought that can allow that to happen. Humanities hovering at some of its lowest vibrations in decades and we’re beginning to see the results.

So the next time some self-righteous ignorant fool tries to help the world by asking you to put on your face diaper too, you might want to point out these sad but true facts to them. Then step back and just watch their expression. It’s remarkably similar to the look on a dog’s face when showing them a card trick. When the mind is in fear all logic is shut off. It’s also at that point I’d suggest you be ready to defend yourself. Until next time, Barry in DR.






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