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The 4 Steps to America’s Subversion by KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov (1984)

I was recently searching the web for my next book of interest when an autobiography from a former KGB propagandist grabbed my attention. It’s an in-depth story told by the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa. His field of expertise was destabilization of nations while using their own citizenry to do it. Let’s see if anything occurring today resembles such planning.

Over the decades the West has gained a lot of counter intelligence by using such people. In fact nations have been using these proven tactics on their own citizens for the longest of times. In addition to the above some of the guiltiest nations have already perfected ways of making it look like it’s another nations fault or worse it originated by their own citizens. Most of my readers will know this is largely due to all mass media being owned and controlled by a handful of families. In today’s fast paced digital world it’s a powerful weapon. Just have a look around and you’ll see its effects everywhere.  No one does any self-investigating in a fast paced world. Most live in a world of ordering a number 3 hold the cheese and picking it up right around the corner 30 seconds later and off they go. Remember everything is done by design.

Whenever the subjects of counter intelligence and destabilization of nations arise the following name will never be far behind.  When one mentions the subject of Soviet KGB defectors the name Yuri Bezmenov will never be far behind. Yuri Bezmenov is a name I first made mention of well over fifteen years ago. I’m confident several longtime readers may have even read some of my achieved posts containing his information. If so those folks will almost immediately recognize the likeness of the similarities of today’s pandemonium. Listening to this 34 year old interview and for what must be the fifth or sixth time now still stands unchallenged in its long term accuracy. We’re traveling back over three and a half decades when watching it. The initial steps do take time to complete however the train’s long since left the station and is actually ahead of schedule.

This demoralization I’m referring to is not solely limited to the nations of the West. Anyone who takes the time to search the alternate news sources will see the same tactics being implicated on all the others. To a large extent this emanates from what was mentioned in several prior posts. There are two threats that will make most misinformed come together. Invasion from an outside source or some sort of pandemic disease that is deadly.

Both choices tend to bridge the differences that initially kept the populace separated, but here’s the key to take away from this. This bonding originates from the lowest frequencies emanating from fear. This is not a good thing. Welcome to choice B a pandemic no more dangerous that a rougher flu season like experienced in 2018. Remember truth doesn’t matter the perception of truth is what does so welcome to the new normal.

It’s been so long ago that I first posted this short video that curiosity got the best of me. I had to revisit and listen to Yuri one more time just to reconfirm the time tested surety that “Nothing changes but the technology”.  As I was listening to Yuri candidly describe the stages of these events and approximately how long a time period each one takes within seconds brought me full circle to where we stand today and of why you can’t get through to these people supporting such foolishness. Fear shuts down the brain to logic.

This also plays a large role in why we’ve repeatedly mentioned that the controlling sources rarely change much. Instead they just implicate whatever it is that they want sit back and let the older generation die off. What happens then is that the new generation is “born into” it and therefore is taken in as being normal. Every time I see this time proven formula of how to destroy a nation from within brings a cold reminder of how well these primordial fears can work against us leaving our species helpless and afraid. I’ve never had a problem with ignorance I have a problem with willful ignorance and you should to! No one has the right to remain ignorant when it affects the freedoms of others! Until next time, Barry in DR.

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