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It’s a trap – Are you already snared and just don’t know it?

It’s a two and a half hour ride to Santiago from Cabrera so it left me plenty of time to bring up what might be a vital to understand topic from now going forward.  Santiago is a trip we take every six to eight weeks for restocking groceries and the things we can’t find in the little town of Cabrera. The mountain road twists and turns thru some of the more scenic parts of the region and still today we often comment on the clearer days just how beautiful it is and this goes back nearly fifteen years for us.  If we’re not admiring the scenic wonders then quite often we’ll be having a conversation together. In fact to a large degree that’s why I did this video.

I was chatting with Liane about our long history of producing videos and blogging together as a team and so wanted to relay what was recently brought to my attention not only from one of the mentors but a few of my more informed readers who actually do read the blogs that accompany each video that we do. Seems a growing number of folks have recently come forward expressing a sense of “getting it” and are recognizing the following as one of the most important dialogs I’ve ever coined. I’ll take the ball and run with it so I’m now proposing it be part of everyone’s Plan B playbook. It reads like this:

It’s important to know the truth, however base your plan B decisions on the public’s perception of truth not on what is the truth. 

I feel it’s imperative for our readers to understand and put this sentence on the inner cover of their personal survival manual. For many reading this it should be considered the seed which eventually becomes the tree. In other words consider it being ground zero for many of the tough choices currently running around in your mind. I’m digging in a bit deeper for this post and am offering a thought or two for my more informed subscribers to consider.

Knowing the truth greatly reduces fear. Actually it almost nullifies it. A lot of you might be wondering why that is. It’s because surety means knowing and so you experience the benefit of knowing rather than just believing. Believing is just another way of expressing not knowing. By possessing surety you can then form an accurate assessment a hypothesis rather than just an opinion so often based on bad information.

We humans naturally fear the unknown, we shy away from the abyss. Surety eliminates the fear that comes from not knowing. Those operating on frequencies able to appreciate this, understand that choices originating from a position of surety take you down one set of pathways, while those originating from belief send you down another. By believing you’re taking the only thing you have control of which is yourself and you’re passing that off to whatever or whoever you believe in.

Faith does not constitute truth. Many believers get all hung up on that fact. In many cases a person’s belief doesn’t prove their faith rather it exposes their gullibility. Even though the ego does not like hearing this it doesn’t make it any less true.

So onto my primary point of why I did this video and that is. We’re noticing a large percentage of the more informed are already snared in a trap and they’re not even aware of it. A few weeks back I introduced for the first time a saying that I coined back several months prior that went like this:

Information overload and quicksand share at least one thing in common and that is. Those who spend too much of their time focusing how deep they go will soon realize it’s about the same time they discover they’re already stuck in it.

Over the past 12 months we see many more of the informed falling victim to this clever deception. They stay snared to its tether not even realizing they’ve been trapped. In all fairness it is a difficult trap to detect on account of you can’t even see it impending and the above proves particularly true for those already stuck in it. The invisible cages are the hardest to see. That’s helps to explain why it’s actually the space between the bars the keeps the animal in the cage. It is not the bars themselves. It’s what we don’t see that hits us the hardest.

Sadly over the last while I’ve lost several relationships on account of good folks not being able to recognize being snared in this invisible trap. A tough decision however in order to preserve momentum in the desired direction Liane and I felt at least for now its best. I personally know several that over the past five months of lockdown, and perhaps for the first time are now sensing, scratch that KNOWING how stuck they really are. They’re minds are as closed as the trap that holds them. I know I was once there and know how difficult it is to first unlearn something you think you already know.

Here are a few points for your consideration. Have you been so focused on assisting others that you somehow fell short on you own plans. Don’t feel bad if you did you’re doing it because you care, but your opponents already know this. They also know you’ve become used to reaching thousands with every video or new post that you release even if it is using their communication channels. They also know what sensors in your brain are being triggered to provide that feeling you enjoy from a job well done. Everybody desires to be admired and have their work praised. It’s normal to enjoy the good sensations that come with reaching ever growing numbers of readers or subscribers. Believe me they know and you’re not hiding anything from them. They know exactly what sensors are being triggered in your brain.

Our mutual opponents know by tapping these specific sensors it releases dopamine. They know with every new video, tweet, blog or thumbs up we receive releases the same neurotransmitters as when doing cocaine. The creators of all these social media platforms are banking on that and they’ve known it since they’ve created the platforms for each and every one of them. Dovetail it THEY KNOW! Is it any wonder that the creators of these social media platforms rarely let their own children have accounts on any of them?

For the others snared in the same trap, their reward emanates from the good feeling that comes from the positive responses they know will follow from their next forward.

Creating content or sharing content from others doesn’t really matter they’re just different cells of the same prison. Step back and ask yourself. Are you imprisoned? I was and for several years until I began accepting the higher frequencies of first unlearning. For anyone attempting this at first it’s a hard lesson but over time you will begin to unlearn in order to relearn. If not your freewill will allow you to remain in your invisible cell forever, your freewill allows you to make the choice. Just beware of the effects from those choices. It’s there that you have no protection.

In closing I remind every reader to be extra careful that you are not subconsciously snared in this trap, a trap designed for the informed minded. It’s invisible so you never know you’re in a cage. If it wasn’t carefully camouflaged the informed would spot it a mile away, it has to be an advanced trap. It’s like I said it’s the space between the bars that keeps the animal in its cage. Step back create some space gain clarity. Is this you, are you honestly prepared for what lies ahead, well are you? Until next time, Barry in DR.

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