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Words Are Today’s High Tech Weapon

Anyone knowing me for any length of time would already be well aware of how I’m consistently mentioning the importance of having a good understanding of where words originate from and what their true meanings are. It’s rather difficult for some to appreciate where I’m coming from, but make no mistake about it words are some of the most advanced weapons known to mankind. Permit me to provide a few examples of their wide reaching destructive potential.

My first point for consideration is that words are metamorphic. When used as a weapon words have the ability to “bend their looks” they change their meanings, therefore they can set a predetermined pathway for almost any direction the wielder desires. I’ve mentioned the confusion between what a pandemic is and what an epidemic is. Much of our current chaos is the result of one such detonated weapon.

Words may cut like a paper tiger from the physical aspect however when it comes to the psychological effects words are some of the most caustic weapons ever created. They hide, twist, turn and deceive but you’d be well served by understanding words are only the fuse that ignites the pandemonium. Using words as a weapon works rather effortlessly in today’s hi tech world, in fact it’s because of that technology and who owns it that’s made it easier than in any other time in history. Today it’s far easier to fool billions of people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled. Those who know the true power that lies in vocabulary weaponry have been using this knowledge as an armament against us for as long as we have been rummaging around this planet.

In order to really understand the ploys being used against us, the curious will have to invest a fair portion of their time and also get hold of a good Latin dictionary. There’s no short cutting on this if the individual truly wants to be informed, any less only makes them misinformed. My own personal hands on experience has taught me it’s far better for a person to remain clueless than it is for them to be clueless based on bad information. Being misinformed is far more dangerous than simply being uninformed. Let me further attempt to explain why this is so.

By being uninformed one basically doesn’t know and so the story quickly terminates there. In other words there is no story. By being misinformed that same person is now able to spread propaganda, false facts and bad information, which only serves to promote fear and chaos which all adds to its potency. In fact it’s what’s fueling the mass confusion we’re all currently facing. My point being misinformation allows the host to distribute!  All too often what’s being distributed is a never ending array of negativity. Over time this leaves the misinformed with a feeling of hopelessness. We all know what can follow. Is it any wonder some areas are seeing a 600% increase in their incoming calls to suicide prevention hotlines?

Our mutual opponents know all too well the value of scrambling words on an ignorant citizenry. Simple belief without surety promotes fear of the unknown. Humanity naturally fears the abyss. When the media intentionally cross words like pandemic and epidemic and vice versa almost instantaneously transfers the misinformed into a state of fear. Once more just have a look around and what are you witnessing? When it comes to this virus if there was ever a better example of the cure being worse than the disease I’m not aware of it. Misused words are the weapon that began this chaos and it is what’s allowing it to spread like fire in a hay barn.

To further my point just have a good look around. What do you see? For the most part I see a lot of scared and confused people some of which Liane and I no longer want to spend time with. Fear is contagious there’s nothing positive that comes from it and… regardless of what the problem is fear is never the solution to it. Liane and I at all costs try to avoid these mindsets. It’s too late in the game for that.

Another important word to understand is the word is belief. The word belief has been used as a weapon against the masses for many millennia.  Make no mistake about it, it is the root of much of humanities present downfall. The word belief actually comes from two words be and lief. The first part “be” comes from being, which is being in a state of existence. To be is actually to be in a state of being. It’s where you currently are in mind, body or a combination of both.

The second word is “lief” and that originates from the Indo-European word Leubh which translates in English to the word love. Using its true meaning and put to proper use changes the entire idea of the word belief. Belief means to be in love with whatever it is that you believe in. You love what you believe in however it has nothing whatsoever to do with it being truth or factual. By confusing the definition to mean truth can you not see the divide that’s taking place from that type of mindset? Can you not see the danger in doing this?

The next word I’ll be mentioning is one not often thought of as a weapon. Primarily because it cleverly camouflages itself as being on our side, perhaps even a friendly ally. The word I’m referring to is news. It’s another scrambled word that somehow over the years morphed into something that mirrors truth or at least something that should be taken as such. This might come as a shock to some of you however during our decade long endeavors we’ve looked up several sources and simply cannot find the word truth or the word certainty in any of the descriptions we’ve uncovered.

Take for example what follows. It originates from a well-known source Merriam- Webster. The Webster’s Dictionary definitions of the word news are: a report of recent events or previously unknown information or something having a specified influence or effect. Others include such terms as: a matter that is newsworthy or a topic of public interest. Similar definitions were found in every other resource. To date none have the word truth or certainty inherent within them. So when the word news is cleverly camouflaged as being truth you’ll discover almost instantly the hazards in doing this? News is only noteworthy information about a recently changed situation or a recent event. It doesn’t constitute truth or for that matter even it being accurate.

Presently and for quite some time now editors care little of what is the truth in anything that comes out for public viewing. Modern Journalism consists largely of the following principals. It doesn’t need to be true, its OK if it causes irreparable damage to billions of lives… just at all costs get it out first. Riding in compliance with today’s information highway all that matters is getting the story out first. The chief reason they’re able to get away with this is, today’s fast paced world has conditioned its citizens to remember for short periods of time. What’s news today is forgotten tomorrow.

Here’s another example of how they use the word news to keep the ignorant at bay. When was the last time anyone’s heard anything about the potential threats from the Middle East? Terrorism is a word we haven’t heard in a while now. Are militias now too busy hauling around that case of toilet paper? Before lockdown wasn’t terrorism all the rage, well wasn’t it?

You can also use all the mass shootings to convey my point even further. In today’s misleading world everything goes from front page to trash in hours. It no longer matters if the event even took place or was real for that matter.

Clever deception insures that most remain ignorant of news being little more than a form of entertainment and it’s because of this that the highest percentage of what the public gathers is bad information. If the implication of the words been altered and the public naively accepts the new and programed misuse of it what else do you promote other than fear, confusion and chaos. Once again the string-puppet is controlled by an outside source. News is information and a means of entertainment period. It does not and never was meant to be a sole source of information gathering and is certainly no source of unveiling truth.

My father taught me long ago if you don’t gather your own facts and formulate a hypothesis from there you’ll always be receiving whatever it is that others want you to know and promote for them. Research takes time, opinions are formed in seconds. Most word traps are brain lazy by design.

In case anyone’s interested while doing some initial research on the word news, I came up with several acronyms for what the meaning of the word stood for. One was News stood for National Early Warning System and another stated it stood for North, East, West and South. Research shows neither of these is correct. The word news is not an acronym.

I don’t feel I need to mention that true news is unbiased and should never be censored. When platforms such as YouTube, Google or any other form of distribution begins censoring any material the word then becomes propaganda. Several weeks prior we were shadow banned by YouTube. I’m proud to say we’re viewing this as a medal of honor towards revealing truth. If it wasn’t changing minds and opening up reality they’d never be censoring us or anybody else.

So In closing let me ask all viewers, do we have news or do we have propaganda? Belief in anything promotes fear and that’s why you’ll always find it’s the believers hiding behind the tallest walls. Belief is the fuel that’s driving a high percentage of today’s misconceptions fears and anxieties. Stop believing and begin researching. The inner peace that comes from it might be the Eden we’ve all been looking for. It was for our family. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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