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Join Me as I Drive Through Country Towns and Villages Near Cabrera

It’s just another normal day in the regions surrounding the little town of Cabrera. Since I’m back on the road doing what I do, why not hop on in and join me for the ride. This time I’m heading out to a town call Payita. We’re negotiating with the owners of a new project featuring small lots that are perfect for those looking to get away from the increasing frictions abundant in several parts of the world. As we’re traveling through several small farming villages, I’ll be talking about what you might want to be doing as things escalate. During the ride I’ll discuss some common sense approaches to what might be the more troubling subjects that just don’t seem to have answers. They do! However so often it’s the areas you least want to look in that solves the most troubling problems. I’ll be traveling through several small farming towns on my way and I’ll be talking in a general mode that just might offer some ease to some of your more troubling issues. Life is simple it’s we who tend to complicate it. I know I was there several years prior. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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