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Ride Along As We Leave the Mundane

Welcome back. It’s time to get on the road again and part with the mundane and the negative propaganda. Hop in and take a ride as I go about what for me is a normal day out in the country. It’s time for people to realize and except the fact that those who choose not to see what’s right in front of their eyes will remain blind for the duration. Start picturing where it is that you want to be when this all resets. Where do you want to exit on the other side of what seems to be the next great reset. There’s no stopping the enviable. We’re leaving the industrial age and entering the age of technology. Good or bad, well that’s a subjective decision however it will happen. It’s just another paradigm that humanity is entering and much the same as the predecessors like the iron age and the industrial revolution, it will occur. Many first rejected the Iron horse (automobile) upon its introduction. A sizable percentage once said the computer would never prevail in the long run however it’s those with the close minds that fall prey to change. They will be left behind.

It’s not my opinion it’s a fact that when you’ve reached the point that neither side will recognize and accept the elected you have the perfect recipe for revolution. Better start figuring where you and your loved ones want to be coming out of this on the other side. There’s no stopping the enviable so best to deal with it. As time is a commodity spending any more of it on the mundane or the closed minded is merely wasting it. Begin investing your time wisely. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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