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The Facts Are In And They Speak For Themselves.

The Facts are in and they speak for themselves.

August 27, 2020

A big high five goes out to all the folks over at Blaze TV. As an active member of the mentors research group I can say from hands on experience, from wisdom how much time and effort goes into finding this kind of unbiased information. While it’s available on the Internet it’s also cleverly broken up into small bits and pieces making it very time consuming to accumulate. The facts discovered in the video below serves as an excellent example of what’s deemed apophatic research. It’s peeling the onion one layer at a time. Unraveling what is by eliminating what is not. The facts are in and they speak for themselves.

I’ve mentioned in the past couple of videos we’d be leaving what’s become, at least for us the mundane and moving over into providing strong examples of what’s meant when stating start asking the correct questions. One such question is the following. Stop asking will I be affected and start asking to what degree will I be affected? Start asking yourself how will I come out of this on the other side? Start initiating a plan largely based on damage control rather than trying to stop the inevitable.

Over the next while I’ll be taking you along with me on what at least for us is a normal day. Notice if there are any differences when compared to the places you reside in. Pay careful attention to the people and places as I take you along for the ride. As we head into our 7th month of what was originally sold to us as a fifteen day lockdown you tell us if you see anything different in the place we call home verses what you’re witnessing in your neck of the woods. Keep in mind our research reveals we’ve barely begun the transition phase of acceleration in violence, it’s going to get much worse after the election. It’s unavoidable as neither side will accept the others position. That my friend is the perfect recipe for revolution it’s now baked in the cake.

Perhaps the few taking the time to read this post will have a better understanding of why we’ve consistently mentioned once Government takes away things never return to their original status. Conceivably this is what’s meant by the new normal. Either way it’s long past the time to sit down and have a heart felt talk with those you love.

Facts don’t physically attack anyone or anything. Facts don’t destroy cities. Facts don’t insult although it’s often used as a defense ploy when the listener of a different view becomes cornered. Facts are facts period. It’s ignorance which causes all of the above. So here are more fact’s about covid-19 that the media doesn’t want you to know.

Over the next while we’ll be putting together some videos of the region we call home. Perhaps for some it’s past the time of considering voting with your feet. Enough of this divide and conquer propaganda. None of what’s currently happening matters to a corpse. Until next time.



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