Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

In my prior post it was mentioned expect foreign policy and the sabre rattling to relax, but only for the time being. I’m adding a bit more depth in attempts of providing what I hope promotes a clearer picture of why I retain the “for the time being” sentiment. Subsequently it’s my desire you’ll begin [...]

When any animal is backed into a corner it will fight back. It’s the same for us humans. When it comes to shielding, guarding for our own survival we will use whatever means obtainable to endure. That includes ferocity. That’s why I’m a bit uneasy. The neocons are currently backed into a corner. If the [...]

Ever take the time to notice for centuries we’ve been fighting ourselves? Unknowingly for centuries through an orchestrated series of well-staged events categorically we’ve been fighting no one other than ourselves. Borders of other nations offer no boundaries when it comes to allowing us to fight each other. Is there some agenda pushing us towards [...]

On behalf of a Trump victory knowingly or not, we’ve extended ourselves a bit more time to prepare for the inevitable changes lurking towards the future. Since Trump's win I believe as a planet we’ve all inherited a bit more breathing space. Cooler heads should prevail among the world’s superpowers. Make no mistake consider this [...]

Continuing on from my previous post, I was actually kind of surprised at the amount of emails received from folks expressing their views on where the west is headed when it comes to violence. I’m pleased there’s such an interest. Let’s begin with something I’m sure we’ll all agree on. We’re entering a period of [...]

Before releasing a post pertaining to any recently occurring major event I’ve always elected to sit tight and wait for a few days. I initially prefer to chill and observe various reactions from the sidelines. During that chill time, a couple of areas I pay exceptionally close attention to, are the citizens and the markets. [...]

I know by the title of this post many are already assuming it will take on a cynical nature. It doesn’t. I recently received a couple of videos from a friend who works in the field of robotics. The only text accompanying the videos was “This is really Cool”. Today I had the opportunity to [...]

With the election right around the corner I wanted to examine a few areas of interest and perhaps shift them into a perspective that is more genuine. This post is not going to favor one politician over another. At this late stage of the game if you still believe that Government is going to do [...]

Assuming you’re still alive what would you say to them?  What would you say to the remaining population after senseless obliteration destroyed a large part of the planet?  What are you going to tell them when the truth finally reveals. IT WAS ALL AVOIDABLE! In the future when you’re asked what did you do to help [...]

While most westerners find themselves focusing on what can best be described as the greatest real time dog and pony show in history, a second perhaps even more serious event goes unnoticed. Although the uniformed masses seem content in segregating a large portion of their limited intellect, to the importance of which misfit might be [...]

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