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A Family of Four Share Their Thoughts About Their Excursion

Now that we’re back up and running again I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful family I had the pleasure of spending the greater part of a week with. For some of them it was their first time out of their home country of the United States. For others it was another country out of the many already visited. I always like to see the differences between the have and the have not. Always makes for an interesting excursion.

I have to admit I enjoyed this trip probably as much as they did. In a world that’s being manipulated down some slippery sloops, it’s refreshing to spend some time with a family that embraces a fair bit of clarity. Where the visions of the masses have become blurred there are still some remaining who do not need corrective lenses. For the most part these folks are seeing the developing scenarios, at least in their home country with 20/20 clarity. We wish them well and continuing success on their future plans. Something tells me we might one day be seeing each other again. I certainly hope so.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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