Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

Montaña Y Mar Phase II Update – Already 50% Sold

Hi there, I just wanted to take a few minutes to update all the happenings over in Montana y Mar phase two. In slightly over three months we’ve already sold nearly 50% of the project. How does this happen in a sleepy little town like Cabrera?

I feel my understanding of the trends has something to do with it, but as I’ve learnt over the years the trends will only be understood by the few. It takes a lot of time and study and in our current environment will only appeal to the minority. Humans are and perhaps always will be reactive by nature; it’s the minority who chooses to be proactive.

In spite of the various languages throughout the world there are still several things that remain the same. Numbers, symbolism, forms and a smile represent just a few of a long list. There is another that remains universal and I’d like to close on that note. It’s called value! Value speaks volumes in any language and is in our team’s opinion that it’s the honest value has been the ticket to its success. Another thing that remains the same in any language is the following. You don’t steal something slowly and on that note I say until next time, Barry in DR.

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