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Backup channel for some of your favorite Youtubers


Bet anyone reading this has never been shadow banned from their own YouTube channel. Well I have and that brings me to why I’ve done this video.  Over the past while I’ve received several emails asking what happened to this channel or that channel? I can’t find it on YouTube.  As is with human nature things tend to go in one ear and right out the other.  Every Channel the hundreds of subscribers have been inquiring about is available on Bitchute!

Several months prior I’ve mentioned that all our subscribers need to go over to Bitchute and subscribe to the Something Feels Wrong Bitchute channel.  I’ve mentioned that YouTube was policing and removing anything that did not meet what they term “community guidelines”.

The first thing I’d call to your attention is how has it become YouTube’s business to determine what is or is not fit for adult consideration. When it comes to things like porn or extreme violence sure I can see that, but when it comes to shadow banning 1000’s of doctors, virologists, scientist, chemists and biologists who are providing unfunded unbiased information for the betterment of humanity, how does that violate anyone’s guidelines. You’re an adult you should be able to decide for yourself. Shadow banning is banning nothing other than truth. Shadow banning is propaganda period! Perhaps there’s an ulterior motive…  YAH THINK!   Don’t forget subscribe to our Bitchute channel now. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vt2S9Uv0mbP5/

Until next time, Barry in DR

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