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Hey it’s good to be back together again. We’ve missed all of our YouTube family of subscribers. As more and more have decided it’s perhaps time to consider voting with their feet at the same time it’s been running us off of ours. Gosh we’ve been busy! In spite of commencing with another new residential project we’ve been busy hosting people from the US and Europe. Take the following as examples. Whether it’s San Francisco, LA, Portland Oregon or NY over in the States or Germany, France, Poland or Italy on the other side of the globe one thing is holding true in both areas. People are seeing more and more friction and both the occurrences and the numbers are growing and I fear it’s just the beginning. As mentioned in prior posts the real take off will be post November’s Election. I say this because of knowing that no matter the outcome neither side will accept defeat. As time allows I’ll do my best to produce more informative videos but one thing is for sure. This is one fight we don’t want ringside seats for. No we want to observe this one from way back in the bleachers. If you haven’t already done so be sure you subscribe to our Bitchute channel https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vt2S9Uv0mbP5/ . Until next Time, Barry in DR.

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