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It’s How You Choose To Look At Things!

It was one of those days I had all planned out. We’ve all shared in that same experience when the entire day’s been prearranged and in order to complete, needed to be performed in sequence. Well here’s a quick question for yah. What happens when it all falls apart? How do you handle it? How do you cope? Does it ruin the entire day? Do you get stressed to the max?

I was once one of those people who used to, but for nearly two decades am not. The late great Wayne Dyer coined a phrase “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” From hands on experience I can tell you with a lot of effort in first unlearning and opening your mind to other options, it can and eventually will make a huge difference in the quality of your life and all the personal relationships held within it. However as with almost everything it’s a personal choice.

As always it’s your personal freewill that allows you to choose which suites you best. Just remember what I’ve so often mentioned about freewill. Once your choice has been made is the same time that your freewill comes to an end. Freewill cannot protect you from the consequences of your choice. I’m receiving a lot of questions from subscribers wanting me to dive deeper into the area of freewill choice and perhaps options on better seeing the big picture and as time permits I will.

I was once the kind of person that would latch out at someone and receive my five minutes of satisfaction. It wasn’t until unlearning what I thought I first knew that made me realize. Five minutes of satisfaction is not worth two days of apologizing and feeling miserable. That’s another experience I’m sure most of us have shared in our lives. Five minutes of joy followed by two days of sadness is not a wise decision but then again your freewill will let you determine that for yourself. A lot of our experiences arrive from our decisions and I’m only sharing what mine were. Until next time, Barry in DR.     

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