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Lessons We Learn Too Late

September 14 2018

Lessons we learn too late

Many are hardwired into believing either direction leads to bad. Fear has them stuck in the mud. Dealing with fear is one of several lessons humanity learns too late in life. All too often we go to our graves not realizing that the greatest loss is not death, the greatest loss is what dies inside of us while still alive.

At one time or another we’ve all looked back at our lives and asked the all mighty question I wonder what would have been. During the course of our lives we keep deliberating I wonder what would have been, I wonder what would have been. You can fill in the rest for yourselves, subjects are endless. Topics can range from being too shy to ask that special someone out on a date to accepting a job offer. I wonder what would have been, I wonder what would have been we keep cross-examining ourselves. I was taught this indirectly by my father. He passed on just one year after retiring. Witnessing the occurrence made it apparent, in life there are several lessons we learn too late. Controlling fear is one of them.

You either save time, spend, time, invest time or waste time. We’ve all heard the saying time is money. Because it’s nonrenewable time is our most precious commodity. Ever wonder why it’s the one commodity we squander most foolishly.

When it comes to making choices most of us seem to be hardwired to fear the unknown. Academics know there are four primordial fears each of us are born into. These fears are absolute inherent and immutable, a Natural Law. They are darkness, predators, abandonment and chaos. I’ve researched it enough I get it, but here’s what I fail to recognize. For some anonymous reason the unknown is automatically linked with the bad? This false belief leads to fear! Similar to a subconscious road map of the mind, all unmarked thoroughfares lead to a dark destination town named fear. OK so let’s assume all roads lead to fear, how come nobody ever asks, fear of what?

Is there some mysterious intersection causing both these to dovetail and merge as one. I sure don’t think so however if that’s how you choose to view it then here’s a question for you. If it’s unknown what exactly are you afraid of? There’s no-thing, nothing it’s not known. The only way if fearing what is not known is by way of your subconscious.

I understood the mechanics of this rather quickly however it took me years of study before I was actually able to put this to practice. Habits and long held beliefs die a slow death. The subconscious keeps wanting to revert back to its point of origin. This is not an easy task to overcome and it will take time. In fact I remember quite a bit of time passed before understanding the whole time it was me, I was the link. I’ve been programming my subconscious to spit out a belief. All along it was me being the total cause. Soon after is when I begin to realize belief and truth are separate entities. After reaching that plateau is when contentment began to appear.

So many answers that previously eluded me came into focus when I learned how to unlearn. I discovered so many of my past beliefs were based in fear. With each unlearning fear dissipated simultaneously I began to feel lighter. I was no longer a bell boy carrying my baggage or anyone else’s. It was my WOW moment. The creator placed the best things in life just on the other side of our fear! However it does require a higher level of enlightenment to be able to accomplish the necessary tasks that are involved. If you can stay the course bit by bit life truly gets richer. When I use the term richer understand I’m not necessarily coming from a monetary sense. However many cases proved to have a positive effect on it it’s not a guarantee. Besides ask yourself who’s the really the wealthy one? The one who has the most or the one who’s content with the least. Throughout my travels I’ve met thousands of people in my life. I can say from personal experience I know many wealthy folks who are fearful in the best parts of town.


Whatever the task where ever the destination it’s imperative you understand the key element to it being successful is action. Nothing happens without exerting force. Energy is required! Sure we all need a destination or we default to becoming lost. I understand we all need some sort of plan describing where it is that we want to be heading. Whatever it is requires a destination! When you have a destination obstacles become opportunities. From there everything changes, you’ll begin to lose the fear. Don’t let this be a lesson you learn too late. Time is your most precious commodity. Save it spend it invest it. Your freewill allows you choice. Just be cautious once spent, it is spent! There’s no reversing the clock. Start choosing wisely. Until next time.

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  • Bill Sep 15, 2018, 12:19 pm

    I’ve heard it said Barry and I know of no greater truth, “The key to getting rid of fear is to open the heart.”

    • Barry Sep 16, 2018, 8:45 am

      Could be I’ve operated that way and part of me still does. However many times thinking from the heart left me handicapped inside. I find so many folks love you so long as you’re doing for them. It’s not until they’ve received what they want that their true colors prevail. Thus hurt sets in and the fear returns. Soon after is when judgement commences, and from both sides. I find this especially true with religionists. All religionists! What allows me to continue assisting all folks is when I learned to open my mind rather than just the heart. Opening just my heart left me feeling unfulfilled once seeing the realities. By opening my mind first then the heart allowed me to understand how we’re all operating at various frequencies. I didn’t receive that same result as with only opening the heart. I’m sure it’s one of the primary trinities. Father son holy spirit heart mind guts they’re both trinities. Keeping the trinity of Heart, Mind, Guts and in that order left me feeling complete. I feel guts is the most important element. The guts are the action, nothing happens without force (energy) being applied. Not surprising, at least to myself it seems to be where most fall off the trail. Thanks for the comment. B

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