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Balance Effects Everything

September 12, 2018

Balance Effects Everything

Addiction comes in all forms. The greater part of our planet has become addicted to their devices.

I recently enjoyed a stimulating conversation with one of my mentors who lives overseas. It’s now exceeding a decade and a half since first closing the TV and flexing the mind. Slightly over fifteen years spent researching for the sole purpose of seeking truth. Truth, objective truth, wherever the information leads you follow.

It’s when I began to follow some of these paths, it’s these routes that led me to a handful of intellectuals. It’s because of these affiliations that I’ve evolved into becoming “somewhat” enlightened. Since enlightenment has no boundaries it can never be encapsulated.

It took years before realizing what a blessing, I am no longer stuck in belief, I now know. Personally the toughest part of this never ending journey took place in its initial commencement. It took a while for me to grasp unlearning precedes learning. This critical area is where I see most fall off their path to personal enlightenment. They simply can’t let go of what they think they know, or what they were taught to believe. Knotted minds are tied tight those who cannot unlearn will never be capable of learning. Let me ask you if a vessel is already full how can it accommodate more? One of many key lessons taught to me by these potent minds. In the beginning I had to unlearn a lot. 

An addiction is an addiction. The only thing that changes is what substance or thing’s being abused.

To say these individuals are operating at higher frequencies would purely be an understatement. In their specific fields of research I find their wisdom to be off the charts high! Anyway somewhere into our conversation we got onto the subject of technology, specifically technology that has affected humanities evolutionary behavior the most.

It quickly became apparent both of us understood to a large extent what determines whether a technology is good or bad is the wielder of the technology. By design all technology is neutral. Since we wanted to focus on technology that has changed mankind’s behaviors the most we agreed that in order for us to be able to do this first we’re going to have to leave out any personal views. Secondly we’d have to disregard any effects caused from that technology. This includes whether the effects were tilted towards positive or the negative. If you ponder for a moment you’ll realize that’s not as easy to do as it reads, but we wanted the playing field to be as level as possible.

This 45 minute call emphasized various technologies that (at least in our opinion) clearly altered the path of human evolution going forward. We both came up with several candidates’ oil, electricity, the first inoculations, internal combustion engines, computers the Internet makes for a fair part of our shortlist. I know many readers would have already thought of these however a bit further into the conversation we shifted, the subject dovetailed to a modern technology that’s heavily altered humanities pathway going forward. On that one I received a response rapidly.

At first his choice surprised me but after careful consideration admitted he was correct. He suggested that it was the modern cell phone, the iPhone. It took some reasoning but after rethinking his points, I converted. Now I agree. The iPhone is the single most recent technology that’s altering humanities behavior the most… not only now but for the foreseeable future.

I asked what at least I thought was a simple question. I had asked doesn’t balance play a significant role in everything. That’s when he said Exactly! Now you’re asking me the Why question. Balance serves as the chief reason why I said what I said. Cell phone usage has gotten so out of balance. In fact balance is the major reason it’s changing the evolutionary path humanity’s traveling down.

He had to cut the call short on account of a prior engagement. We had agreed to pick this up at a later date. Post conversation I was so taken in by some of his examples I started looking for additional information. I wanted to be better prepared for when we continue. While browsing the Web I stumbled onto a short YouTube that covered several areas brought up in conversation. I’m confident all who watch this video will take away some very thought provoking information.

Trust me when I say this shift in humanity takes over without warning. Right before our eyes we’re losing one of the cornerstones of humanity? Could we be replacing animate relationships with social media? One disturbing factor that suggests we are is 39% of those polled under the age of forty preferred an online relationship as opposed to a traditional one. Either way one thing’s for sure. Since the iPhone our world will never be the same. Watch this video!

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The video to a large degree deals with balance. It’s not until Liane and I really began to understand balance, how it works and what effects it will have in our lives that we even began making changes. Slowly at first, I did mention unlearning is a difficult thing to do but step by step began altering our ways. Initially it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Liane on the other hand found little discomfort. Even though I’ve traveled so much in my life, in excess of 100 countries Liane has always been the more adaptable one. I have learned to put up with Liane adapts. There’s a huge difference between the two.

It took me (not Liane) years before being able to really get the concept of the following fact, your cells will react to the environment they’re place in. Remember she adapts I put up with. This may come as a surprise to many of my readers but it took me a lot longer to accept this than it did Liane. She’s my rock.

Perhaps that’s one of the biggest reasons for leaving the fast paced impersonal world and trading it in for a simpler version. Everybody has to do what’s right for them and there will be adjustments in anything you do. Sure we have cell phones and Internet but at least in the Campo (country) most aren’t married to them. The percentages are considerably lower, WHY  because the balance is more intact. Balance plays an important role in everything. Until next time.

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