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One of My Most Memorable Interviews Part 2

In part two of what should be a moving interview I ask some tough questions pertaining to the before and after. I ask what changes occurred particularly within the police. Quoting Rafiel’s informative comments “They became wolves against sheep” “before the collapse they were just cops.” “I was kidnapped!”

 I shifted the topic and began discussing the subject of violence. I asked what changes have you experienced since the collapse? When asking has the violence increased? Rafiel responds “I don’t know maybe 50 time worse.” 

I had asked about the availability of products and food. Rafiel explains since the devaluation you’re only able to purchase on selected days. For example if your Citizen ID card ends in a nine you’ll be able to purchase on Monday. If ending in eight Tuesday and so forth. Probing further I had asked about Government imposed rationing. During my decades of extensive travels I’ve run into some wild experiences. I asked about the black market, is it taking a broader percentage of trade. On that subject Rafiel addresses some strong points on what happens and why you need to diversify. No Dollars, no food or medicine PERIOD!

In closing I want to take a moment to once again thank Rafiel. These were two heartfelt videos not easy for him to do. No one is immune from the effects of their decisions and if you still think this can’t happen to you I’d suggest you think again.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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