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One of My Most Memorable Interviews Part 1

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank Rafiel for being so courageous in sharing his personal encounters. It’s not often someone has the strength to abandon their ego and share their personal struggles. I hope someone watching this identifies with the sincerity and is able to offer an opportunity to a deserving individual.

I first met Rafiel while in Rio San Juan. I was enjoying a cigar with my buddy Alduino when up comes this young man asking about my old truck Yota. The in-depth story is posted on the Something Feels Wrong website. I encourage all who watch this two part interview to pass it onto every person that they care about.

Get out of your shell and reach out to your entire circle of influence. The family and friends the one’s you care about but somehow just can’t get them to recognize this can happen to them to. Join me on one of my most memorable interviews to date. When truth is more frightening than the lie that conceals it, denial can become a welcome place of refuge. If you care you will inform.   Until next time, Barry in DR.

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