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Sanctions In a Modern World

September 8 2018

Sanctions in a modern world

It’s getting rather colorful wouldn’t you say. Now add in China, Iran, Syria and the many others to this picture. Then take a second look at the same picture. I might caution the citizens of the West, be sure you’re not painting yourselves into a corner.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me but lately it seems like the West wants to sanction the planet. Venezuela and Argentina are just two of many examples that flash to mind. While sanctions on smaller countries may still prove to be effective its effects on superpower nations vary significantly. We live in a rapidly changing world. Our current world functions in ways radically different than just a few years prior. Economies change as do technologies thus the balances of power between nations change. What once was no longer is. It’s been that way since man began measuring time.

When living in a nation that believes tuna’s caught in cans how can you expect the citizenry to understand what’s at stake. A nation with less than 1% of it’s population related to some form of agriculture.

Most folks know sanctions are used as a form of punishment. Their principal purpose is to pressure the recipient nation’s Government into agreeing with whatever is being demanded. Military bases, natural resources installing puppets in the existing Government the various demands cover a wide range, but they all rank outside the scope of this post. In this post my desire is to uncover some of the potential outcomes that can result by choosing this route then applying it towards a superpower nation.

Well prior to imposing any sanctions the responsibility lies upon the originating nation’s representatives to take whatever time’s required to play out each possible repercussion to its fullest. This procedure is of the utmost importance for if it goes unfulfilled knowing it or not has just placed you in the middle of a future minefield. The degree of volatility is directly proportionate to the military capabilities residing in the recipient nation. Bearing that in mind it should be rather apparent the effects caused by placing sanctions on a nation the likes of Venezuela would differ far and wide as compared to placing them on superpowers such as China or Russia.

I’m not even going to get into the ramifications of sanctioning them both at the same time. The fact the West is currently doing just that already reveals how much thought went into this decision and it couldn’t have been much. This lack of responsibility amplifies tenfold when you take into consideration the preexisting ties these two superpowers presently share. The geographic concerns alone should raise some serious red flags, after all they do border each other. Evidently it didn’t raise a brow.

I’ve mentioned in prior posts one of several unbreakable bonds between China and Russia is potable water. You’re not going to break that kind of dependency and by attempting to will only serve to reinforce it. Case in point tourism between Russia and the Chinese has skyrocketed. Bilateral trade has never been so strong. Major resource projects the distribution of natural gas Silk Road and the recent talks with Africa all of which were enhanced by the West imposing sanctions.

Have you ever wondered why all US corporations were dead set against enforcing sanctions? Nearly all manufacturing formerly held in the West has been off shored over the past 3 decades! If understanding this correctly then the end game is clear. Westerners will be paying considerably more for the same products. So who actually bears the brunt, you guessed it. We all do! Reminds me of an old saying my dad once told me. He said “be careful doing business with any garage offering free grease with every shaft.” WE THE PEOPLE it’s the citizenry who always get the shaft.  

This particularly holds true when mentioning China the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. When it comes to Russia I’d say the side tilts a bit more towards the natural Resources and food production. Either way I don’t think many would disagree if I were to say look back 25 years, now zoom back to the present. Over the past three decades there’s been a tremendous shift that’s taken place. The playing field has tilted towards the east. The most frightening aspect, at least to myself is knowing that it’s barely begun. I can’t yet fathom the dire effects one or two decades down the road. Hope your children are learning to speak Mandarin their going to need it.

Before jumping to any conclusions I myself being Canadian don’t necessarily like the above summary but truth has a way of not caring. Truth pisses people off and at times a lot! Unintentionally I’ve just explained why denial’s running at such astronomical levels in all societies. What initially led me to understand this wisdom is when I stopped blaming and started researching. Now I don’t blame I research and these are the findings I’ve arrived at, and I might add quite some time ago.

There’s considerably more at stake here than just the economic factors. Russia’s ability to supply and distribute natural resources are huge. The distribution methods currently under construction are mind boggling. People need to understand that we are not living in the same balance of power as we were three decades prior.

The military power presently shared by both these superpowers is formidable and is definitely something that should not be taken lightly. If this irresponsibility is left unchallenged we’re heading in the direction of war. Warring at least one superpower nation, maybe two. This ain’t no Afghanistan or Syrian type of deal, most have no idea of what devastation they’re up against.

The leaders of the West along with their pugnacious attitudes have knowingly placed the citizenry of the West in potential chaos. They’re backing their own citizenry into opposing corners of a global chessboard. If you still think this assessment is not precise simply revisit the first photo, add in the balance of countries being sanctioned and last but most important. OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK! 

The observant know they’ve cornered the citizenry in all directions. Internally the fighting among themselves has amassed greatly and externally… well again, just revisit the above picture. Deep down inside those with opened eyes comprehend it’s all coming to light and being exposed. It’s becoming so obvious, yet there are still so many remaining in fear and denial. We need those minds freed and in focus if we’re going to change anything. An absolute daunting task. You can’t seem to get those suffering from denial to understand they are not immune to the effects made by the incompetent. In other words like it or not we’re all in this together. Realistically we’re all holding hands on the Titanic.

The capability currently possessed by these superpowers of replacing much of what the West has been fulfilling to Europe is or at least should be alarming. Granted to a large extent this may be based on geography but the dollar doesn’t care. The dollar follows who is able to supply the same or better while simultaneously being faster and cheaper. So ask yourself how long will Europe continue to bend at the knee risking another war in their own nation. How long until they realize the West’s offerings along with its methods of distribution have become obsolete? A very important issue one needs to ponder if they want to grasp the bigger picture.

Soon enough the pipeline projects stemming from Russia will have the capabilities of delivering natural gas, oil to China and all of Europe! If not already soon will be doing it more cost effective and efficiently. I wonder how many Westerners even think about such areas of concern. Teamed up with the manufacturing giant that China’s become, it’s Silk Road distribution project, the BRICS when adding up the pieces I see no way that the US can compete. Remember I don’t like this either but that has no bearing on truth.

However being a promoter of balanced research I also see excellent opportunities for the West to be a significant player in this shift. Recapping what I’m suggesting in the long run I see no way for the US to maintain its dominance but I do see exceptional ways they can be a significant part of it. However a lot of what will happen largely depends of the following.

Currently what concerns me the most is one key question that presently remains unanswered. Will a spoiled nation be able to curb its ego? Will they participate or like a spoiled five year old that doesn’t get their way will they swipe the pieces off the board? Ego is the biggest three letter word in the dictionary. Somehow this enormous ego must be controlled, but if it can’t knowingly or not the citizens of the Western nation just placed themselves in the middle of a minefield. Three good reads supporting my position are linked below. Everybody needs a backup plan, what’s yours? Until next time.

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