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One Of My Most Memorable Interviews

September 6, 2018

One Of My Most Memorable Interviews

Rafiel in his truck back in Venezuela

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some prominent thinkers considered by many to be experts in their field. It should come as no surprise that these people have large followings they retain huge numbers of subscribers. While each of these encounters proved memorable and at the same time were all a positive learning experience none touched me as much or in a similar fashion as what’s about to follow. Let me briefly set the stage for an interview soon to be released. An interview that should serve as a wake up call to anyone suffering from denial stuck in a mode believing it can’t happen to me. In a couple of days you’ll have the chance to watch and listen to the story of a bright young man named Rafiel. I’m confident all who watch this two part interview will be awakened. Here’s how it all began.

Rafiel in my truck. Must have really bought back some great memories.

Recently I found myself in Rio San Juan. Since summer’s a bit quieter it give me a chance to catch up on a lot of things. One of them is seeing my buddy Alduino a bit more often. That’s where this story begins. While enjoying a cigar with by buddy Alduino I ran into a young person and at the time little did I know what lied ahead. I had no idea this chance meeting would turn out to be one of my most powerful YouTube interviews to date. Here’s where we begin. Alduino and I at a table enjoying a cigar and a coffee. About twenty minutes later a young guy walks up to our table and asks if either of us own that Toyota across the street. Seemed like a really nice guy and I said I do why? I actually get asked that question a lot. Yota (my truck) is near thirty years old and I’ve spent a lot of time on it so folks are always asking if I want to sell it… but not this time. Little did I know what direction this was going to be heading in?

The guy looked like early thirties, friendly and then asked me what year my truck was? Simultaneously his head was turning to have a second look. About thirty seconds had gone by before we made eye contact again. Immediately something inside of me felt there was more to the story than just inquiring if it was for sale, perhaps a lot more.

As he turned around and faced me I could see his eyes had changed now they were glassy. Like when someone’s crying or at least trying to hold back the tears. Rather obvious something rocked this guy some thought or recollection hit him hard.

Before looking to see if there’s a large pool of oil under Yota I thought I’d first ask what his name was and check if he’s OK. He kind of smiled and said “My name is Rafiel and I have the same truck.” I own “the exact same truck” emphasizing strongly on the last three words. For the short-term I was relieved perhaps thinking that’s all there is to it. So we invited him to join us and that’s actually where this story begins.

I want this post to serve as a trailer for the future YouTube we’re currently working on. Without question this interview is one of the most genuine discussions in all the years I’ve been producing videos.  The interview with Rafiel starts out as the story of a successful young man in his early thirties. It’s a sincere down to earth interview with a person who now knows what can happen within the blink of an eye. You are not going to want to miss this life changing story.

I found Rafiel to be an unselfish brave person willing to share his story. Post interview Rafiel mentioned to me that he hopes sharing this story can save at least one person from experiencing the same events.

Born in Venezuela now at age 29 Rafiel comes from what one would consider an upper middle class lifestyle. Rafiel’s family had the means and could afford educating him in America, and so they did. Only 30 and Rafiel’s already lived in several countries. He’s an inspiring young man fluent in three languages. Astute when it comes to technology as you’ll soon find out during our interview. At age thirty Rafiel was successfully mining Bitcoin’s in Venezuela. Apparently according to him electricity costs peanuts in Venezuela.

It’s an interview with a bright young man who at the “ripe old age” of thirty had already experienced the traveling, owned the vehicles and the toys even secured a bit of Real Estate along the way. The Bitcoin mining was doing well which only added to his already respectable sum of cash. By almost any standard to have acquired this at thirty is commendable. So what could possibly go wrong? As we discuss in detail it seems that Rafiel and his family didn’t fully understand the importance of diversification. Everything they had was in Venezuela. Apparently that was the single cornerstone the family overlooked which led to the collapse of the entire building.

I first want to personally thank Rafiel for being so brave in doing this interview. It’s not an easy task on one’s ego and I hope it leads to somehow finding him some employment. After watching this interview if it doesn’t at least get you thinking and if you still think that it can’t happen to you then all I can say is good luck. Our mutual opponent already has total control of your mind. Throughout history corruption has brought down many castles. Rafiel’s is only one of them. Until Next time.

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  • Harjenis c Sep 7, 2018, 8:50 pm

    Great read. Thank you.

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