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Life Through The Eyes of a Centenarian

Life through the eyes of a Centenarian

Liane and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by great neighbors many who exceed 85 years of age. They continue to teach us so much about real values.

I’m at the ripe middle age of 61 and still I connect with my mom every day. Whether it’s a quick email or a message even a call we somehow manage to link on a daily basis. For some this might sound a bit strange coming from someone who’s 61 but as they say it is what it is. I emanated from a small family and for the most part all have since perished. Fortunately my wife Liane has a large family where several members have kind of adopted me as being part of it. I never believed that brothers and sisters needed to come from the same source. It’s a belief most easily understood by those without next of kin. I know I’m one of them.

So much wisdom, each time we learn from listening to their stories. The past dictatorship the shortages, lack of electric power YET how come they seem way more content. This simple lifestyle is changing with the newer generations and it sadden’s me knowing these ways “the old ways” will eventually perish. I suppose progress means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Although Liane and I have been living in the Dominican Republic for many years and my mom lives in the States I’ve never let the distance become a dividing factor. For years now the Internet in fact all communications have proven very reliable in the DR. Actually there’s a fair bit of underground fiber optic cable currently being run. These areas will soon be hosting some of the fastest internet speeds possible. Even now uploading hi-definition video to our YouTube channel presents little problem. For years DR communications have been that way. The same can be said about road and air travel, over the years both  methods have come a long way.

Why am I telling you this story? To a large degree it has to do with balance. Being a researcher and truth seeker so often what comes to light is the dark. Be that as it may but in order to stay focused by not allowing depression’s foot to enter the door one must stay balanced. You need to see both sides. You need to focus on the good as well as the bad. To much of either, yes you read it right either is out of balance and is not a good position to be placed in.

Let me sidebar for a moment and hopefully provide you with a tidbit of information. Esoteric organizations, the occult, your Government and Medias all share the following. Their offensive game plan has only one play. That play is to keep you as out of balance as possible! Everything else the Russagate, the North Korea, the various wars in the Mideast, the school and mall shootings, TV and entertainment even the internal divide most nations are currently faced with have been intentionally created to achieve one single result. To keep you as out of balance as possible.

All the above examples are just various methods of them achieving it. An out of balance mind is easily controllable. Our opponent understands this truth and knows how to use this occulted information to its fullest. So how did you perceive this was it positive or negative? It’s neither, it’s the wielder of this information who determines.

This next tidbit goes out to those already searching for unbiased information. Those looking for sensible answers and who are actively researching. It’s aimed at those who might already be familiar with some of the occulted knowledge and other forms of esoteric information. Because it’s often forgotten I’m reminding all who are reading this post remember the word occult only means hidden, nothing more.

The way they keep the more enlightened out of balance is by concentrating solely on the negative. So how did you answer the above question? If you assumed the above to be all negative let it serve as a reminder of just how good these organizations are at tapping into the mind. Over time it’s conditioned in the subconsciousness so most are unaware they’ve even been tapped. I’ve always said the occulted organizations excel at what they do. The proof lies in the overwhelming percentage of us that are currently out of balance, way out of balance.

Since their conception all occult organizations have had what’s termed a light side and a dark side.  From the beginning there’s always been what’s referred to as dark occultists, but at the same time there have always been light occultists. Exactly the same can be said about long standing organizations such as the Freemasons. There have always been dark masons as well as light masons. Currently the available information is highly steered toward the negative or dark activities of these organizations. Rarely is the opposite exposed and yes this is done intentionally. It’s extremely effective at keeping you out of balance without the recipient even being aware of it.

Over time and with repeated doses this method will eventually lead to fear. Once in fear and because fear is an addiction it’s hard to break the habit. Be watchful of this, I talk with many enlightened folks who seem to be unaware of this perfected ploy. It is subtle and it will take effect without you even knowing. One sure sign you’ve already been bitten is first thing in the morning you’re reaching for your favorite form to enjoy with your morning coffee. You need a dose first thing in the AM. I wonder how many reading this post fall into that category? It’s a form of conditioning it’s mind control. All those who still disagree proves to the rest of us how effectively it’s actually working.

If one is in balance they would be researching information in both areas thus achieving the complete picture. A balanced mind yields a stable person and stability is a byproduct when something is in balance. It kind of works the same way as noun does. A noun references a person place or thing and so does balance. Is your research balanced? Are you researching and then paying more attention to the negative rather than the positive? Most I’ve talked with are substantially out balance and are tilted towards the negative side.  As mentioned prior when leaning too far in either direction represents an out of balance condition and when taken to its extreme is liable to topple.

So when a subscriber sent me this video the first thing that came to mind was my mom. Things haven’t been the same since my father died and because her years now exceed 88 I thought this video would inspire her. I had hoped the video would cause her to remember a little more of the good times and a little less of the bad. I was anticipating her feelings of togetherness would increase while at the same time it would taper those pertaining to her loneliness. Whether it does or not largely depends on her free will, I get that. I know all I can do is try.


My sincerest desire is the same symptoms emanate to all those reading my blog. When it comes to others understanding the importance of balance all I can do is try. The rest is dependent on how the recipients choose to field it. Good or bad light or dark it’s your free will if, how and when to take it in.

Perhaps one of the most important questions we ask ourselves is. Do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe? Once again your free will allows you to choose which view, however depending on how you answer that question “the effects” produced will bear strong influence in your life. I feel it may be one of the major differences between what makes a person sad in their sixties or happy in excess of a hundred. You’ll better understand this after viewing the video.

Liane and I see it every day while living in the little town of Cabrera. We see it being with our neighbors which many exceed 85 years of age. What are we seeing? For the most part I’d say what we’re envisioning is contentment. They say age is just a number perhaps so but we’ve relearned it’s your free will which largely determines whether that number is viewed as a positive or a negative one. Living in Cabrera a simple little town located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic allowed us to rekindle that once lost knowledge. Free will does allow you to make choices. However free will cannot protect you from the effects caused by making those choices. Closing this paragraph off I’ll ask one more time. How do you view this, as positive or as negative? Take a step back and then learn from your answer.

Sit back and enjoy a an exceptional short video that full of wisdom. While their life stories may differ the bottom line remains consistent. I’m confident the one message being shared is balanceAll three are describing balance. Are  you absorbing your information that way, are you in balance? Until Next time.

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