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Pension Debt and Your Free Will

Sept 5 2018

Pension Debt and Your Free Will

It’s a grenade and the numbers don’t lie. It will blow!
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As a species since the beginning of time we’ve possessed what most term free will. I’ll agree as human beings free will is one of our natural inherent properties. While I couldn’t agree more on the above there is another side to this statement and rarely is it ever brought out into the limelight. Free will creates conflict. Let me provide a brief example.

Those who say it can’t happen best start doing some research. Governments do default!

Whenever a subjective topic comes to light there’s going to be a wide range of opinion and your inherent free will allows you to play a part. You get to choose. However it’s these various choices, the differences among us that is the root cause to what effect is going to follow. That effect all too often is conflict. We arrive at conflicting views.

Don’t mistake the above as any sort of negativity it’s actually quite the opposite and serves as one of the prime examples of what seperates humanity from the animal kingdom. Although as of late this seems to be changing but that’s a topic reserved for future posts.

Staying with the theme of conflicting opinions it’s not the different thought patterns that has me concerned it’s the level of belief. The level of belief is directly related to the level of conflict and it’s the level of conflict that has me concerned most. The level of conflict is largely determined by how calcified is the persons estimation. To a large extent what governs how affixed, how fossilized the individual will be is largely determined on whether or not that person was fooled, was directly affected or it contradicts a long held belief.  Whatever the subject matter is may not count for as much as we first thought. The determining factors are leading elsewhere.  Are we as a species becoming petrified? At times I think so. The why’s and how’s once again will remain subjects for future writings.

The level of calcification often defines the level of pending conflict! Depending on how deep this person’s been affected will determine to what degree they will protect those beliefs. Don’t underestimate the range and scope of this statement. Many times that constitutes defending that acceptance with their life! War politics religion race gender sexual preferences are all examples of areas that will back up my previous point rather candidly. All throughout history our beliefs are what brought the world to war. Are we heading in that direction again?I’m convinced we are.

When a mind becomes calcified it’s at a point where regardless of what new Information comes to light that person’s view is not open to change. It’s now become set in stone and in many cases will be defended at all costs.  When a person feels backed into a corner is often when they come out swinging. When this starts occurring on a grand scale is what has me the most concerned. Rationality takes a back seat and chaos takes over.  Your inherent free will allows you every natural right to make choices. But so does everybody else’s. That’s what creates the conflict!

We’re living in a fast paced informational world. A world where data is only milliseconds away. With all this available at our fingertips our free will allows us to choose, to take a stance one side or the other.  Your free will also allows you to remain somewhat in the middle or take no stance at all. After all It’s your free will! However free will does have its limitations. Let me explain.

Countless areas of thought contain a natural duality they hold a contrast from within. Many will refer to this as “the other side of the coin.” Here’s my two cents regarding the other side of the coin when it comes to our free will. When it comes to protecting yourself from the choices that you’ve made is the same time your free will runs into a brick wall. You’d be well served by understanding that.

Let’s flip the coin yet again and take another look. Permit me to briefly touch on a couple of areas “we the people” seem to merge and come together on. While the number of agreeable subjects is minimal when compared to the contrary the fact remains there are areas where we beings agree with each other and at a near 100% ratios. During a recent conversation with a long time subscriber when asked to provide a couple of examples promptly replied money and pensions so I’ll just continue from there.

When it comes to the god we all seem to believe in the “universal god” if you will I’d have to say that god would be money. Now before all the religionists fluff up in defense providing reasons why their particular avatar is prevalent over all others take note of the following. I’ve lower cased the word god. Relax take a deep breath say your oy vey’s or hell Mary’s then reopen you mind.

If you mistakenly thought I was referencing God as in the creator you’ve completely missed where I’m heading.  When you approach the subject of God the creator well then you’re approaching one of the most highly debated issues involving mankind but it does prove my point about how far one will defend their beliefs. In that arena it resembles more of a gladiatorial battle than a difference of belief.

While I’m on the topic and Just so nobody feels left out if unrolling the carpet followed by prostration is your choice then have at it. Face towards Makkah all you desire.  None of this has anything to do with my point or I would have capitalized the word god. The point I’m attempting to convey is money is one area we all seem to unanimously agree on. We agree it’s a good thing to have.

Moving ahead let’s now take a peek at my second example. Let’s examine the subject of Government pensions. Would it be fair to say that anybody owed some form of Government pension expects to be paid what’s owing. Am I wrong in assuming even in our self-inflicted white, black, straight gay democrat republican world we’ve created that still all sides of the above would unite when it came to expecting to be paid their Government pensions? According to all pensioners the “money god” is expected to drop in at least once a month, right?

Those enlightened already understand that pension systems are one of the deepest held belief systems known to man. Yet when asked even the informed expect to be paid. To those on the receiving end it makes no difference that it’s just one huge pyramid scheme. Their belief tells them otherwise when it comes to receiving their share of what’s owed.

So in essence wouldn’t this be at least one of and in many cases the deepest held belief this person might have? How do you think such a person might react if suddenly their belief defaulted? How did people react in the past when the similar occurred? There are some things entrenched so deeply that our current with me or against me atmosphere still holds no bearing and getting paid your Government pension is one of them. No matter where you live on this planet you’ll never get a mixed opinion in a crowd of folks that are owed pensions about their desire for Governments to honor them. It’s a non-wavering I worked for it and one way or another I’m getting paid type of unvarying boldness.


For their entire working lives these folks donated to this pyramid scheme called Government pension. For those landing in this category it’s an etched in stone reality pension equals payment ranking similar to a long held born into belief. Most of us were brought up with the ideology “I followed the rules and expect to be paid” mindset and rightfully so. With all that I’ve just written would you not expect this to be one of the deepest held beliefs that a person can have so I ask again? How do you think the majority of these folks will react?

Quoting noted trend forecaster and publisher of Trends Journal magazine Gerald Celente “when people have nothing left to lose they lose it” and it’s because of what history reveals I tend to agree with Celente on that one. The carnage is going to be vast. If any are still wondering just take a look back in our past. Look back at all the spilt blood that never needed to happen. The countless good souls who lost their lives that needn’t be?  All on account of a belief!

I can’t fathom the human species is not capable of better than that. The longer I research the more I’ve come to understand ignorance is not our greatest enemy. By a wide margin our greatest enemy is the illusion of knowledge. The thought of governments defaulting on pensions… yea that one’s got me deeply concerned. Hope you’ve made a backup plan just in case. Until next time

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