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Continuing to Constanza from the Small Village La Orma

Continuing on our trip through the mountains we pass through the one horse town of Orma. Still over three hours away from Constanza we begin to hit some lower lying clouds. Enjoy some of the views as Johnny and Alduino discuss the various plantations, the fruits and vegetables grown in the cooler temps. As Johnny says “you can smell the tomatoes” and the same holds true for the onions, garlic and oregano found throughout the area. As our trip begins to wind down, tonight we’ll be spending the night in Constanza. Tomorrow is still open perhaps onto Jarabacoa before heading back home to Cabrera. All I can say is it’s been nonstop fun throughout the entire time. One of the things I value most about living in the DR is how inexpensive it is to travel. There are endless adventures waiting for those willing to explore.   Until next time, Barry in DR.

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