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What a 20 Trillion Debt Looks Like

August 2018 2018

What a 20 Trillion dollar debt looks like.

I honestly have trouble grasping it myself.

Because of our devalued currencies over the past decade some terms kind of changed a bit. For example what used to be Billion has now become Trillion. No big deal right? It’s a close enough replacement in fact the word even rhymes. Before continuing further what follows is what you might call a brief disclosure. Primarily I’m reaching out to the folks new to my writing and have reached out to me either by our YouTube Channel or by email. Those fairly new to my writing style should know the following:

Rarely if ever will I take a 100% For or Against position on any issue.

A debt that’s increasing by 45,486 Dollars Per Second!

Subjective topics form subjective opinions however opinion is not truth! Over the decades I’ve come to understand what’s meant by “if you’ve never been pissed off you’re not living in a free society.” Truth has a way of doing just that, pissing people off. At times this can be easy to cope with and others not so but regardless absolute truth remains steadfast. Absolute truth never wavers is unaffected by borders and is immutable. Absolute truth just is.

For the new folks reading welcome aboard I’ve just leveled the playing field for all. I do unbiased research gather information and by filtering out what is not step by step brings me closer to what is. Arriving at what is by eliminating what it is not. Not till then can anyone even begin to form a logical hypothesis. A hypothesis carries more weight than simple opinion because research was first required. Research takes time.Time and separation both promote clarity. Clarity enhances accuracy. Accuracy makes for fewer mistakes. Begin using your intrinsic commodities. Invest and spend your time wisely. PAY some attention to what’s occurring in our environment.

Let’s revisit the original subject matter. The subtle shift in nomenclature and what it actually represents. As a species we have no trouble expressing words however we do have great difficulty envisioning words. Words like timelessness, infinity, the universe, long distances and large numbers we have no difficulty saying them but we can’t envision them. Close your eyes and try it. The following short video should enlighten you by envisioning what a 20 Trillion dollar debt actually looks like. That was the official debt of the Western nation back in 2017. Currently the debt stands at 21.5 Trillion and climbing at the rate of 45,486.00 Dollars PER SECOND!!! See for yourself US Debt Clock I’m being totally serious.


After watching just sit back and relax for a while. Let the information process let it soak in. When ready use your own perspective, analyze then form your own hypothesis. If you’re being totally honest with yourself do you see any realistic way this can continue much longer before caving? Can you see any possible way this debt can ever be repaid even a substantial part of it? Can you honestly believe this even has a chance of ending well and without a lot of pain? Leave all your personal feelings aside and refocus but only on the above three questions. Well do you?

Yes, I know truth is belligerent. I understand it’s going to upset those stuck in fear and denial. I’ve become used to it. All I’m suggesting is that you keep an open mind. Gather some accurate information spend some time sorting it out. Only then can you assemble pieces in a logical order. If you do I promise you’ll always be left with options. Those who panic do not think. Think first and there will always be options.

Those not looking through the keyhole with a wooden eye are always going to see more. Those savvy enough might want to consider relocating to a country where dollars and Euros stretch substantially further. There are several countries featuring a lower population and producing a healthy amount of their own food. In other words their sustainability factor is high. Several of these same countries offer an excellent lifestyle at a fraction of Western prices. For those possessing the means it may be one of their best options.

For those who can’t fathom relocation then at the very least relocate part of your portfolio. Don’t leave all your eggs in the same basket.  No doom only options. Just sit back and think for a bit and you’ll see. Most have more options than first thought. Just one tip and that’s be proactive rather than reactive. Time is a factor that needs to be considered closely.

A large percentage still pretend none of this is occurring while others evade the subject entirely. Unfortunately most of these people cannot be reached their stuck in fear and denial. Deep down they know but they deny. Denial is a form of fear and fear leads to ignorance. But truth is not dependent upon understanding or acceptance. From the ignorant to the informed truth will respond equally. By the way if none of this makes any sense to you don’t worry about it. The universe is also under no obligation to make sense to you.

Think don’t react, it’s a 22 Trillion Dollar debt! After viewing the video can you better comprehend how vast a figure this represents? How is any debt so large ever going to be settled? Perhaps the better question is was it ever meant to be? I assure you if caught unprepared those gilded bars will begin to fade and rapidly. I did mention truth by its very nature is belligerent, didn’t I? Until Next time.

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