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A Tribute to Alejandro

We received some sad news that one of our neighbors had passed away the previous night. His name was Alejandro, Alexander in English. We received the news early the following morning when another neighbor came up the hill to our house. At the same time we were invited to addend the funeral. Over the years Liane and I have become close to several of our neighbors. It’s not uncommon for us to be invited for funerals, parties and most common around the seasonal holidays.

I’d never film a funeral but on the way to the cemetery while in the procession the strangest thing occurred. We’re fourth or fifth vehicle in line and when meeting up with the main highway were greeted by something we’ve never seen in the middle of town. Listen to the audio to grasp a complete picture on why this was so weird. If you knew Alejandro and how he was the occurrence would also have you thinking twice, about a lot of things. For a simple man he had a great turnout of people, and animals paying their last respects. Rest well my friend, your real friends remembered you.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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