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Middle Class America

Sept 16 2018

Middle Class America

All throughout the nation people are sleeping in their cars, under bridges anywhere they can find. They’re homeless! LA, San Fran, NY and Miami it’s everywhere and in every state. Rapidly spreading but only if you choose to see it. I am sixty one years of age and have never seen this anywhere close to the degree I’m currently witnessing. Yea the economy’s in recovery, right. Got any salt to go with that crap sandwich?

I keep hearing how things are getting better for middle class America. Why am I not seeing the parallel view? Perhaps it’s because of how highly subjective the topic actually is. I mean if you’re fine then your world is fine. Notice I didn’t say The World is fine; I said your world is fine. In case anyone’s wondering there a huge difference between the two. Subjective and objective are both visions however they’re located at opposite ends of the spectrum.

There’s no complicated story here. Corruption outsourced manufacturing. Banks were way over leveraged and still are. Corruption took care of that too. Some like to call that printing currency. Corruption’s what’s behind the sanctioning involving America and… well most of the planet. What’s the one common element found in all three? That’s our mutual opponent. The rest of what we’re witnessing are just effects.

I would suspect a large part of the answer as to why I’m not seeing this lies in the fact that I don’t watch or listen to mainstream Medias. I remain stumbled when it comes to finding a better example of what a waste of time is but I do have its equal, social media.

Social media ranks right up there and between the two I just can’t relate to a more wasteful way of using one’s time. Ranked one and two these Medias are the tag team you need to pin for the count. If either of these remains in excess you’re not going to be exposed to any worthwhile information.

One of the saddest realities enlightened folks have to deal with is knowing at what extreme level this plan of delusion is operating at. Case in point the greater percentage of the masses still continues to patronize these toxic forms of misinformation and by doing so they receive half-truths and propaganda. Fallacies to be taken as gospels. They have no concept that they’ve been given a giant crap sandwich morphed into something called news. This is what’s still being absorbed and digested by the greater percentage of society. A sad reality indeed but left unchecked its long-term effect produces something considerably worse.

There’s a large percent not seeming to grasp when truth no longer matters and deception becomes the only game there’s a dangerous effect which follows. This effect often goes unnoticed by the multitudes and of course is never mentioned by the mainstream. If deception is the endgame what becomes most imperative above all else is. The need to be first!

It no longer matters who it hurts what damage it causes or even if it’s true just get it out there first! The above serves to confirm WHY I say the masses are always wrong and unless thought patterns change always will be. In case there’s any doubt I’d suggest researching the subject for yourself. You’ll find over 6000 years of examples dating back prior to the Sumerians.

For anyone that’s up to the task I offer this one suggestion. At all times no matter what information comes up regardless of what’s unveiled just keep the following in the back of your mind. After decades of looking under rocks and examining what’s uncovered I can say this much. Objective unbiased information rarely receives a corporate paycheck. In order to obtain accurate results you’ll need to search alternative media’s. It should come as no surprise that when corporations pay out large sums of dollars predetermined results are expected. It’s those dollars that are paying for those results. The recipient can’t remain unbiased if the grant has been accepted.

Continuing on I’d like to venture into the subject matter for this particular post. First is what I like to call the crap sandwich. The illusion about the economies of the West being in a strong recovery. Similar to many fellow bloggers I can also provide you lots of stats and charts. Nothing wrong with that but I choose not to go there. I find common sense prevails when searching for truth. Besides after a few years of researching I discovered how easy it is to fudge the numbers. A good example would be what’s being done with the unemployment stats.

Let’s take an objective look only from a different angle. I’m confident we’d all agree that Westerners for the most part love their sports and entertainment. Football NASCAR hockey B-ball soccer the list is extensive and all should be performing well when economies are stable and people have confidence. But are they? It’s a fact when people have confidence many of them tend to have more disposable income to spend on entertainment. I repeat the question, but are they? I for one didn’t know. At least I didn’t until researching the query. The information that unfolded does not coincide with a nation that’s enjoying a strong economy well on its way to recovering.

For example check out what’s happening with NASCAR attendance over the past decade. I can already hear my subjective friends saying “but I don’t like car racing” which is totally missing the point. Actually I just picked NASCAR since I don’t watch TV they all weigh in about the same to me. Just to be fair I decided to take a look at a few more examples and it seems when it comes to attendance and TV ratings all were suffering the same fate. I decided to check the NFL and see if the same holds true, it does. Actually for the most part professional sports have had declining attendances for up to a decade now! These are not indications of a recovering economy!

My key thought on what’s transpiring is this. Back on September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers officially filed for bankruptcy. With close to $640 Billion in assets and $619 billion in debt, Lehman’s bankruptcy filing was the largest in history. Far surpassing previous bankrupt giants such as WorldCom and Enron. Here’s what’s occurring. The nation never recovered from the bailout back in 08! 

The overwhelming majority of these declining attendances began shortly after the Lehman fiasco took place. Remember The Big Crash! or did you forget about it already? So go and ask yourself. If things get a little tight what’s one of the first things we cut from our budget. Correct entertainment. I have mentioned in several prior posts these phases shift slowly. They have to in order to remain undetected. In any event these declines are not what you’d be witnessing in a nation with a strengthening economy.

One of the most accurate ways of quickly gauging the strength of any nation’s economy is by determining these three factors. They are, one the amount of resources being used, two the amount of land and air freight and three the Baltic dry index which measures the amount of sea freight incoming and outgoing. Keeping the aforementioned in mind I’m sorry to report the economy’s not growing as we’re being told. If it is I can’t find where the numbers indicate that. On a YTD basis when comparing to the previous year, after adjusting for inflation if these three figures are not higher the economy’s not growing.

I wonder how many readers have ever heard of the Big Mac Index. If not I’ve pasted a brief description of what it is. “The Big Mac Index is published by The Economist as an informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries.” I’ve linked an interesting article on where Canada and America currently rank. Again it points to a weak economy as America’s ranked fifth most expensive and Canada’s sixth.

In conclusion I’ve traveled the full 360. The few hours of unbiased research beckons me to revisit my original question. If the economy’s recovering then why am I not seeing the parallel view? Until next time.

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