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Dr. Rashid Buttar – We Will Not Be Silenced

In the endless attempt to bring our subscribers reliable resources supporting an impressive amount of type one data we introduce Dr. Rashid Buttar. Type one data is tangible, it is physical proof never hearsay. Type one data is rated the highest caliber of evidence recognized by any court of Law. The old saying “the smoking gun” came to be as a means of describing how strong a statement this type of data represents. Accept for a technicality type one data holds a near perfect record for convictions.

With the above in mind we introduce you to Dr. Rashid Buttar. Born in the UK Dr. Buttar eventually relocated to the States where he attended various colleges and became an osteopathic physician. Dr. Buttar is a 54 year old American physician who’s made it his first priority to disclose the deepest corruption and misinformation currently occurring with this global lockdown.

Dr. Buttar is a high profile anti vaccine proponent who’s type one data reveals the atrocities currently being exploited on the citizenry of the world. We applaud his efforts to bring truth to those lost in belief.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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