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2nd Nurse Exposes the Realities in New York Hospitals

More and more boots on the ground information is being brought forth by brave people willing to stand up and fight for truth. The lost minds who continue to support this nonsensical pandemic in spite of all the mounting evidence to the contrary are part in parcel setting the stage for what will eventually be a series of ground zeros. We’re setting up the world’s stage with a selection of props, the majority of the current generation has never seen. It is the mentor’s opinions that the third world war has already begun and like I’ve said countless times in previous posts. The vast majority won’t even know it started. Well just to refresh an old statement… IT ALREADY STARTED! You just aren’t keen enough to recognize it.

I’ll be staying with this theme until the global economy gets back up and running. I didn’t say returning to normal, I said back up and running. Normal as we’ve come to understand it is never returning. Normal over the last two months has changed it metamorphosed into something most of us refer to as history. Sad times for all of us especially the future generations. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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